Some people still think that carrying a diaper bag is a woman’s job. This kind of perception is giving dads who wish to be more involved a little bit of dilemma. They don’t want to be seen as someone who compromises his manliness. This is why a camo diaper bag is so popular. It lets dads carry a bag filled with diapers and lots of other baby goodies while still looking like a macho man.

Regardless of the styling, a good diaper bag should still offer functionality, practicality, and comfort. Without those three, a camouflage diaper bag is nothing but a piece of useless junk. So, now the question is how do you know which camouflage diaper bag you should buy?

In order to make life easier for you, we have completed this short list of the best ones you can get in the market. Check them out! We’re sure one of them will be the perfect match for you and your children.

Top Rated Camo Diaper Bags 


Diaper Dude Messenger Camo Diaper Bag for Dads

Diaper Dude Messenger Camo Diaper Bag for DadsDiaper dude made this bag for dads who do not wish to wear a diaper bag with frills and flowers. It’s an awesome bag with cool and tough design, plus great functionality to match them. This bag’s toughness goes way beyond looks alone. The material and construction are durable, sturdy, and made to last you kids’ diaper years and more.

Mind you; this isn’t a large bag. It only fit one child’s worth of goodies. It’s actually made for a quick outing with your kid instead of an all-day adventure. With its ergonomic design, this bag is very comfortable to wear. The location and size of the pockets keep everything accessible. You don’t need to put the bag down to get anything from it.

Don’t like washing a dirty bag by hand? Just throw it in the washer. This bag has no problem with machine, and it will come out like new without you breaking a sweat.

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DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper Bag

DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper BagMost guys love backpacks, and DadGear understands that very well. That’s why they make this dad-friendly diaper backpack for dads like you. Its high capacity and clamshell design allow you to pack loads of your children’s gears when you’re heading out for a day long fun time. The clamshell design means you can open the backpack fully just like a suitcase. It’s easy to pack, organize, and also grab anything from it.

The many interior pockets are distributed nicely, allowing you to pack without making the bag bulky. The two large compartments on the front hide a pair of tall mesh pockets each. The first compartment features key fob for you to hang home or car keys. A quick access wipe pocket ensures that you can keep your baby fresh and clean at all times.

This bag is comfortable to wear, and when you don’t feel like wearing it, you can hang the bag on a stroller using the built-in stroller straps. The top handle also allows for a quick grab and go.

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Diaper Dude Green Camo Sling Messenger Diaper Bag

Diaper Dude Green Camo Sling Messenger Diaper BagWith its stylish camo print, this bag fits well with stylish dads. It looks great and feels well-made. This will hold up well against daily wear and tear. As a messenger bag, it is comfortable to carry across the body thanks to the broad and padded shoulder strap. Your shoulder doesn’t get tired quickly carrying this.

Even though it’s  a smallish bag, it fits plenty enough for a quick afternoon walk or a trip to the grocery store. It even includes a checklist of what baby essentials you should take, which is pretty neat especially for new parents who never packed a diaper bag before. The high contrast of the interior lining makes locating stuff easier. You get five external pockets plus two internal pockets to organize all the baby goodies and yours too. One pocket is padded, and it’s big enough for an iPad or tablet.  When you know what stuff goes in which pocket, you’re outing with your child will be much more stress-free.

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Amy Michelle Lexington Camouflage Diaper Bag

Amy Michelle Lexington Camouflage Diaper BagWant a simple and lightweight baby bag that will remain accessible when you over pack? This bag is the answer. It features spacious main compartment that will fit two kids’ worth of goodies. It can stay upright even when it’s full.

The interior has two slip pockets, two elasticized pockets for bottles, a large zippered pocket, and a key fob. The interior lining is bright-colored which makes it easy to find stuff in the bag. The lining is treated with antimicrobial treatment and easy to wipe clean. You’ll never need to deal with a smelly bag even when you spill milk, juice, or forget to throw out that leftover snack.

On the outside, you have a large zippered pocket, a medium-sized slipped pocket, and a small mesh pocket. The backside has a large slip pocket where you can slip in the changing pad. Just like the interior lining, the changing pad is also easy to wipe clean.

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Quilted Hot Pink And Natural Camo Diaper Bag

Quilted Hot Pink And Natural Camo Diaper BagA girly camouflage diaper bag? Can such a thing really exist? Yes, it can. This gorgeous baby bag is made for moms who also enjoy things with camo prints. This style will certainly grab people’s attention wherever you go. It’s a step up from those pink flowery bags. Since it’s obviously a girly bag, dads may not be so fond of it. Moms, however, will be very pleased.

It’s not just about the print, though. The bag’s quality is also excellent. The size is big enough for you to pack whatever essentials you need for a short trip to the park or mall. There are two slip pockets on the front and a zippered pocket on the back. You also get a smaller bag for keeping your cosmetics and other personal items. The smaller bag has matching camo prints, so it doesn’t look out of place. Overall, it’s a great bag to have and also great as baby shower gift.

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Carter’s On The Move Camouflage Messenger Diaper Bag

Carter's On The Move Camouflage Messenger Diaper BagCarter’s knows how to make quality products for babies, toddlers, and parents. This camo baby bag is just one of them. It is a lightweight bag, which is a good thing because it has plenty of space and you will want to pack a lot of stuff in it. The main compartment is covered with a flap with a magnetic clasp. It’s straightforward and easy to open one-handedly.

On the inside, you get two slip pockets, two elasticized pockets that can fit even the largest milk bottles your children have, and a zippered pocket. On the outside, there are two pockets on the front, one pocket on the side, while the other is a quick access wipe pocket. It’s easy to grab one or two sheets of wipes without putting the bag down first.

The bag has an adjustable strap so you can wear it over the shoulder or across the body. It also has stroller loops, in case you prefer to hang it on the stroller while you are going for a walk with your little ones.

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Muddy Girl Pink Purple Camo Quilted Diaper Bag

Muddy Girl Pink Purple Camo Quilted Diaper BagThis is another camo bag made for moms, and moms love it because it is so spacious. You can take tons of baby gears with this bag. The material used is durable, and the whole bag is well-made. You don’t need to worry if the bag will hold up when you over pack a bit. The strap is easy on your shoulder and won’t dig into your skin. The length of the strap is adjustable, from 6-inches to 18-inches. Fitting it to your preference is easy.

There are five pockets on the exterior. The usual two slip pockets on the sides for bottles, three slip pockets on the front, and one zippered pocket on the back. The cool thing about this bag is all of those pockets have laminated lining. It makes it easy for you to clean any of those pockets should the need arise. Of course, just like any decent diaper bag, a changing pad is already included.

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Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack Black/Camo

Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack Black/CamoOne thing you can’t miss about this bag is the huge, detachable bottle cooler that comes with it. It’s a unique design that you can’t find in any other diaper bags in the market. It’s big enough to fit, not just two, but three bottles. The bag itself is equally roomy. You can pack so many baby supplies in there. One kid or two kids, you can take enough for them all.

This is a very stylish bag that works well for both moms and dads. It’s ideal for daily use, whether you need to get you baby to daycare, take a walk, or a long trip to grandma’s house.

With its mesh padded straps and padded back, this backpack is so comfortable to wear. Your shoulders don’t get tired or sweat easily. Same thing with your back.

This high-quality bag will last longer than your children’s diaper years. It will make a great travel bag by then.

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RLB Multi-Purpose Camouflage Travel Diaper Backpack

RLB Multi-Purpose Camouflage Travel Diaper BackpackThis huge multipurpose bag is a fantastic solution for parents who love to travel.  Excellent material and hardware are used throughout to ensure this bag last many vacations and long trips. The zippers are tough and glide smoothly end to end.

Instead of just one super huge compartment, this bag has two large compartments. In each, there are pockets to organize all your children’s gears. If you’re packing for two kids, it’s easy to set one large compartment for one kid. That makes it easier when it’s time for you to grab stuff out of the bag.

This bag is made with outdoor adventure in mind. The material is water resistant so all the clothes and diapers inside won’t be soaking wet when the rain suddenly pours, or you accidentally spill drink all over the bag. The straps are really comfortable. You can wear this backpack for hours. It’s truly a great travel backpack whether you’re taking your kids or not.

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Camo Camouflage Tote Purse Diaper Bag Brown

Camo Camouflage Tote Purse Diaper Bag BrownPurse diaper bags with camo prints are rare. If you’re looking for one, your options are highly limited. However, there is one purse diaper bag that will surely please you. This Camouflage Tote diaper bag is an excellent choice for those who do not wish for a flowery and bright-colored purse baby bag. The build quality is great, and the canvas material feels thick. It’s a sure sign that this bag will last daily abuse over the years.

On the base of the handle, there are two bows that add a bit of feminine touch. If you think it’s too feminine, you can easily remove them.

The size is admittedly rather small. It’s not suitable for infants because you’re going to need to pack stacks of diapers plus a lot of other things when you take infants on outdoor activities. However, it’s great for older babies and toddlers. A changing mat is already included, so you don’t need to buy one separately.

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Your Guide To Buying a Camouflage Diaper Bag

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Waterproof and stain-proof material. Babies are messy, and adults aren’t really better either. One day your toddler spills his drink on the bag, the next day it’s you. With waterproofed diaper bags, you don’t have to worry about getting everything in the bag getting damp or soaking wet. Bacteria and mold buildup are also less likely to happen when the bag remains dry.
  • Padded straps. The best thing about padded straps is that they make carrying a diaper bag comfortable. Some parents need to wear the bag for hours. The padding makes sure the straps doesn’t eat into the shoulders causing rashes or blisters.
  • Insulated bottle pocket/holder. Milk or formula that should stay warm is made possible with insulated bottle pocket. Such pocket also benefits you when you need to keep your drinks cool during hot summer days. Just because it’s called a baby bag doesn’t mean you can’t put your own drinks in it, right?
  • Organizing all that baby things is made easier when you have pockets to separate the items neatly separated. Squeezing everything into the main compartment makes it harder when you need to grab something.


Useful Tips For Shoppers:

  • Will mom like it too? Dad liking a camo diaper bag is like a given. But if mom doesn’t like it, that means you’re going to need to get a second bag. Can you justify the spending and the hassle that comes with handling two different bags? Moving all that goods from one bag to another every time is a big time waster. There are plenty of stylish, trendy, and fashionable bags that have gender neutral design. If mom doesn’t want to go with camo, perhaps those kind of bags will fit both of you better. After all, taking care of a child is pretty much an undeniable proof of a man’s masculinity anyway. You don’t need to
  • If you’re buying a baby bag for a gift, make sure you inspect the bag before you give it away. Check the seams, stitches, hardware, and look for missing items that should be included like a bottle holder or changing pad. If the bag still has that smelly new bag odor lingering, air it and use an odor eliminator to get rid of that bad odor.
  • Get the right size! Will you be using the bag mostly for long trips or short walks? For long trips, you’re going to need a larger bag than you’ll need for short walks around the neighborhood.
  • Check the size of pockets. If a bag has a dozen of pockets but every one of them seems to be on the small side, then those pockets are pretty much worthless. For instance, the so-called cell phone pocket should be able to hold current smartphones easily. You know phones these days have large screens, right? Pockets made for old flip phones just won’t cut it.
  • Check the length of the straps. If you are a tall person, the average straps length may not be able to accommodate your body well enough. Fixed-length straps are generally a bad You’d want adjustable straps. These kinds of straps also necessary if you’re not the only one who is going to carry the bag.



A camo diaper bag is a nice break from the girly baby bags you see everywhere. While most of those are geared toward dads, some are clearly intended for moms to carry. Whether you’re looking for something big for long trips or small for short walks, one of the bags reviewed above should fit you well. Be sure to apply the shopper tips so you’ll get the bag that suits your wants and needs. Design is not everything. You also need to take practicality into consideration.