Ready to hit the road with your baby and toddler? Then you better get the best backpack diaper bag. One of the best things of carrying a backpack diaper bag is that it’s convenient when you lean over to put of pick something up with both hands. With a Tote, you have to put it down somewhere first.  A messenger bag is slightly better. You just need to push it to the back so it won’t slide over and touch the dirt. That doesn’t always work, though.

Seriously, having both of your hands-free is a great advantage. Once your child is learning how to walk, you’re going to need those hands-free at all times.

Now, if you’re looking for a good backpack, then you’re in luck because we have selected the top rated ones right here. Check out the backpack diaper bag reviews below so you can pick which one is the best for your needs and wants.

Top Rated Backpack Diaper Bags


Vera Bradley Backpack Baby Bag

Vera Bradley Backpack Baby BagThis is not a bag for parents who want to be discreet. This is a bag for parents who love to stand out from the crowd. Vera Bradley design will not let you go unnoticed. This Vera Bradley’s backpack baby bag features stunning prints with vivid colors on both the exterior and also the interior. Heads will turn wherever you go.

The bag is made of fabric with laminated interior for easy cleaning. The interior features four mesh pockets to help organize your baby gears. On the exterior, there’s a front pocket for your personal items plus a pair of exterior bottle pockets are available to keep milk bottles or your own drink bottles.

With this bag, everything you need for a diaper change is just one zipper away. Unzip the front pocket to reveal the changing pad and you’re ready. You don’t need to jumble the main compartment looking for the changing pad.

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JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, Gray Floret

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, Gray FloretStylish, spacious, and comfortable. Those three words succinctly describe the JJ Cole diaper backpack. This backpack has the style that moms love. It may look somewhat like a baby bag, but that’s okay because it still looks pretty. The main compartment is big enough to carry loads of gears for two babies. The flap closure makes it easy for you to access the interior, but with the large pockets on the front, back, and sides you won’t need to access the main compartment too often.

The padded straps make carrying the bag really comfortable. The straps will not dig into your shoulders even when the bag is full with baby stuff. You can carry the back for hours with ease.  In total, this bag has three carrying options. When you can’t or don’t want to carry it on your back, you can use the removable shoulder strap to wear like a messenger. You can also attach it to a stroller using the non-slip grips.

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Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Skip Hop Forma BackpackThe Forma is a stylish backpack with quilted details that’s both lightweight and roomy. Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. The bag is structured enough to stand on its own without support. It won’t fall and spill its contents everywhere when you put it down with the zippers open. Since the double zippers allow you to open this bag from either side, opening and closing the bag with one hand is a breeze.

This bag comes with a changing pad, and you can tuck it neatly in the designated changing pad pocket. When you use it as a travel bag, the pocket also works well to keep a laptop secure. There is another pair of interior pockets to keep other baby stuff. On the sides, there is a pair of elasticized water bottle holders. A large and small pocket on the front holds every essential item secured and easy to access.

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Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper BackpackThe Fastfinder is a casual-looking backpack from Fisher Price. It doesn’t have cutesy colors or prints, and dads are more willing to carry this backpack around the city.

True to its name, the Fastfinder lets you find what you want right when you need it. Gone are the days of black hole backpacks where it seems impossible for parents to get anything out of them. The light-colored interior lining and the well-organized pockets allow you to see and find things quickly. On the front, you have a deep pocket for things that you need quick and frequent access to such as keys, tablet, and phones. The exterior diaper pocket and wipe dispenser make diaper changing on the go simple and easy.

This bag has excellent build-quality, and it’s ready to serve you and your family day after day. With adjustable straps, this bag will fit various body types. The straps are also well-padded to make sure carrying a full bag won’t tire your shoulders quickly.

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DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

DadGear Backpack Diaper BagFor dads, choosing a backpack from Dadgear is a no brainer. Dadgear’s diaper backpack design fits dads’ taste very much. No frills, floral pattern, girly prints, or any other hint that this backpack is filled with diapers and other baby gears.

This bag makes such a great travel bag because of the comfortable, padded shoulder straps plus the built-in stroller straps. Excellent material and quality construction are other reasons why it’s such a great bag for traveling with your babies and toddlers.

Wipes are easily accessible using the quick-access wipes window. Diapers are also easily reachable because the diaper hammock sits right on top of the bag. Need something on the bottom of the bag? No need to dig through a mountain of stuff. This bag opens wide like a suitcase. The bright-colored lining also helps visibility.

The bag has enough pockets to keep small or large baby gears. The huge middle pocket is especially ideal for keeping extra outfit, toys, coloring books, and any other travel essentials.

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Columbia Navy Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag

Columbia Navy Summit Rush Backpack Diaper BagThis is another backpack that doesn’t scream “diaper backpack” to everyone around you. Moms and dads love its unisex design. The shoulder straps are generously padded for your comfort. There’s also carry handle included which gives you extra carry option.

The bag itself is lightweight. It’s a great feature because you can add a lot of baby stuff in it and the weight will still be manageable. The Summit backpack has enough space to keep gears for two. The large zippered pocket on the front is big enough to keep the changing pad or other large items you need to carry. The main compartment is roomy, and you also get a zippered pocket plus three elasticized pockets there.

On the sides, there’s a mesh slip pocket and an insulated bottle pocket to keep milk and drinks at their preferred temperature. A removable wet bag is included, which is a nice touch especially for parents who prefer cloth diapers.

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Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Diaper Bag

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Diaper BagShort trips or traveling to the countryside, the Jeep Perfect Pockets is ready to keep you company. It’s a stylish and comfortable backpack that’s perfect for daily use. Durable construction and ease of use are just some of the strong points of this backpack. The material used to make this bag is durable, and the entire construction feels well made.

The numerous amounts of pockets and features mean this bag is a great choice if you’re traveling with two kids in tow. Diapers, spare clothes, hats, water bottles, crayons, food,  and your own personal items can be easily organized in the pockets.

The masculine design of this Jeep diaper backpack appeals to dads everywhere. Dads won’t feel awkward carrying it all day.  While the manufacturer puts functions first, the simplistic style is nothing to scoff at. Many people love such simplistic design especially those parents who don’t like to announce that they’re carrying a diaper bag.

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Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper BagThis is a functional and chic backpack from Ju-Ju-Be. It’s a great backpack for mommies and kiddies going out for an adventure or a trip to the mall. The material used is easy to clean, in and out. The exterior fabric is protected by Teflon while the interior is treated with Agion, which limits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold.

With ample storage space and pockets, it’s easy to organize all your baby gears as well as yours when you’re going out. The size and location of the pockets are well-thought of and allows easy access all the time.

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back (BRB) backpack is really comfortable on your shoulders. The straps are adjustable and well padded. They make carrying the backpack comfortable even you’re packing to the max. The fact that the padding extends longer along the straps compared to other backpacks helps too. The breathable fabric on the back makes you sweat less when carrying the back for a prolonged time.

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Carter’s Sport Back Pack Diaper Bag

Carter's Sport Back Pack Diaper BagThere’s a lot to love about this bag. It’s sporty, stylish, functional, and well-made. The sporty look goes well with parents with active lifestyles. The overall look of the bag is stylish with nothing over the top to ruin the overall sporty look.

As far as functionality goes, this bag got everything taken care of. The spacious main compartment plus the amount of pockets makes it a versatile bag for long trips with the kids. It has enough room and pockets to keep both your and your baby’s gears. The built-in wipes case and changing pad will make diaper changes easy. A small wet bag is included to keep wet clothes when you’re going to the pool or beach.

This bag is sturdy and well made. The easy-to-clean material means you won’t need to worry about the inevitable dirt and stain that’s coming. You can spend more time doing what you love with the kids instead of worrying about the bag.

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Lassig Casual Diaper Backpack Barbarry

Lassig Casual Diaper Backpack BarbarryThis Lassig bag looks simple, but it does its job as a daily diaper bag really well. It may have that girly look, but it’s subtle and won’t stop dads from carrying it. The unique thing about this bag is that it has two main compartments instead of just one. It makes organizing easier when you’re traveling with two kids. Each compartment is roomy and holds quite a lot. Zippered and elasticized pockets are available on the interior and exterior. There’s a zippered pocket at the bottom that you can use when you need that extra storage space. A small removable pouch and insulated bottle holder are also included.

The material used for this bag is excellent. It’s 100% Polyester and easy to wipe clean. The whole bag feels durable, and it should stand to daily use. The contoured straps have soft padding that’s great on your shoulders. It comes with stroller hooks should you ever need to hang this on a stroller.

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Your Guide To Buying a Backpack Diaper Bag

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Padded straps. If you wish to carry the bag for hours at a time, padded straps are non-negotiable.A full backpack is a pain to carry when the straps are not well padded. Make sure the bag you’re buying is generously padded.
  • Extra carry options. Yes, you’re going to wear the backpack on your back most of the times, but extra carrying options won’t hurt. A grab handle on the top of the bag and stroller clips are typical, and you should expect them from the bag that you’re buying.
  • Dads prefer unisex designs. A girly backpack is not a good choice if you wish for your husband to help carry the bag while walking around the city. A casual baby backpack with only a small hint of feminine touch is usually acceptable. However, both of you should communicate and decide on the bag together.
  • Breathable fabric on the back. Air can’t circulate freely between your back and the bag. A contoured back design coupled with breathable fabric really help during hot summer days. You’ll be less sweaty on that part of your body.


Useful Tips For Shoppers:

  • For backpack diaper bags, stroller clips are sometimes redundant. It’s easy to hang a backpack on a stroller using the shoulder straps. Don’t sweat it if you really like a backpack but it doesn’t come with stroller clips.
  • Backpack that opens like a suitcase is a huge deal. Yes, pockets help you organize, but being able to open a backpack wide open makes locating an item easier. Same thing when you’re packing the bag. Dadgear’s backpack is awesome in this regard. By the way, the brand name shouldn’t discourage moms from buying Dadgear’s Their backpacks come in various colors and prints, so you can always find a bag that’s not overly manly.



If you’re babywearing then getting the best backpack diaper bag is mandatory. Any one of the backpacks reviewed above is excellent if you are babywearing or only wish to have both of your arms free when you’re going out with your kids. Just pick one that suits your needs best. If you’re a mommy, please remember daddy when choosing a backpack. It’s safer to get a bag with unisex design if you want him to carry the backpack too. Dads won’t mind carrying it as long as the design isn’t too feminine.