What is Monogram Diaper Bag?

monogram diaper bag

A monogram is a decorative design usually in the form of letters that shows someone’s initials. It is used to personalize an item or show possession. Monogramming has been used for ages by Royals. Artists also have been using it to sign their artwork. Nowadays, however, everyone is allowed to have their piece of possession embroidered with their names.

In every aspect, a monogram diaper bag is just an ordinary diaper bag. The one major difference is that it’s easier to identify a bag from a stack of other similar bags.

Most people buy instead of making their own baby bag, so it’s very normal to run into someone else with the same bag. Imagine you’re hanging out with other moms in the park, all of them carrying their own bags, and one mom has the same bag like yours. Having a monogrammed diaper bag is a way to say, “Yes, we have the same great taste, but this one is mine, and mine is unique.”

Name or Initial?

Shop around for places that have monogram service. You’ll notice that some of them charge the same rate whether you’re using just one letter or ten letters. The main cost of adding personalization of any kind is the labor cost. Material or machining cost is minimal.

It boils down to you personal preference. Are you feeling comfortable having your last name embroidered on a bag? Some people are anxious about having a total stranger knowing their names, while others never think twice about it.

But, Whose Name?

This is one question that pops up frequently in many variations. Whose name or initial should you monogram on a bag? Yours or the baby’s?

Many moms love having their kids’ initials monogrammed on the bag. They think it’s the cute thing to do. However, if you put your baby’s initial or first name on the bag, it signifies that the bag is his. The problem starts when that bag lasts longer than your baby’s diapering years or when there’s a new baby in the house. Your children won’t care about it at all, but you would.

Most moms agree that it’s best to put your own last name or the initial for your last name on a diaper bag. That monogrammed diaper bag is yours, not your children’s. When you want to use it as a travel bag later, the monogram will still be relevant. Same thing when you have another baby. That initial will still be applicable no matter how many kids you want to add in the future.

Is Adding a Monogram Expensive?

If you look for monogram diaper bag on Etsy or eBay, you’ll see that the price varies quite a lot. People who offer monogram service wants to be competitive, but they also want to make a living. Those who are trying to make their first couple of sales may be more aggressive in pricing, but more experienced sellers won’t sell their service for pennies.

To misquote a famous line, “With great price comes great quality.”

Thankfully, you don’t need to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a quality embroidery work. The range sits between $10 to $15. Use those numbers as a guide for the base price when you’re off looking for a monogram service.

Can All Diaper Bag Be Monogrammed?

Most of them certainly can. Bags made of canvas or leather are simple to work with. The problem lies when the place where you want the monogram to be happens to have a waterproof lining or insulation on the opposite side. Using an embroidery machine to write your name on that spot will compromise the integrity of the lining.

More Things to Consider

When ordering a monogram diaper bag online, be sure to double check your order. The seller will not make any assumptions about your order. What you type is what you’re going to get. If you put “sally” in your order, then the seller will not uppercase the first letter and change it to “Sally”. You can complain, of course, but good luck on having them redo the order.

It’s the same thing when you bring your bag to a shop. Make sure your writing is legible and have the shop worker to read it aloud to you to make sure you both read it the same way.

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