Some Diaper Bag Accessories You May Need

diaper bag accessories

There are so many diaper bags available today. Finding the perfect one can be tedious and sometimes impossible. If you’re lucky, the diaper bag you’ve been eyeing for will have everything you ever wanted from a diaper bag. However, even if the bag you finally buy lacks one or two accessories, it’s easy to find the accessories you need to complete it.

Here, we review some diaper bag accessories that you may find useful to complete that diaper bag you just bought. Each of them has received many excellent ratings and reviews from parents just like you.


Portable Changing Pad

Having a changing pad ready in your diaper bag is crucial when you’re going out with your baby. There’s no telling if you can find a restroom when your baby needs a diaper change. Even if you can find one, there’s no guarantee it will have a usable clean surface where you can put him.

If the bag you just bought doesn’t have a changing mat included, then you just need to get a portable diaper changing pad from Guudla. It measures 26.5-inches x 11.5-inches when open. That’s big enough for a baby to lie on comfortably.  When closed, it’s only 11.5-inches x 8.5-inches — small enough to fit a medium or small diaper bag.

This changing pad is portable and practical. The leather accent adds a touch of fashionable elegance to it. The padding is generous, so you won’t need to add an extra layer of blanket when you use it. When you open this changing mat, there are two flaps on the sides. One has a mesh pocket, and the other has a clear zippered pouch.

You can put all diaper-changing essentials like diaper, wipes, and rash cream in the mesh pocket and clear pouch. That’s very convenient because you no longer need to grab each and every one of them from the bag whenever you need to change your baby’s diaper.


Insulated Bottle Holder

If you rely on formula, you’re going to need an insulated bottle holder. With it, you can prepare one or two bottles at home, keep it warm in the bag, and have it ready to grab whenever your baby is hungry. Preparing a formula while you’re going out with your baby can be stressful, and sometimes, just downright impossible. Imagine taking the bus or other public transport and you’re baby’s starting to cry. Something simple as adding water to a bottle will be quite a challenge.

The Tommee Tippee insulated bottle bag is one excellent choice when you’re looking for a dependable bottle bag. It’s made of safe material, free from BPA and Phthalate. The thick insulation will keep formula bottles warm for hours. That thick insulation also acts as a cushion. In case you drop it, the bottle inside will remain unscathed.

Of course, you don’t always have to use it for keep things warm. This thing is also excellent in keeping cold drinks cool for up to 6 hours. Take your child on a weekend summer stroll, and have a cold juice ready to cool his body off.

The bag measures 6-inches x 4-inches. It fits 9oz Tommee Tippee baby bottles. It will also fit bottles from other brands with similar measurement. For easy carrying, you can attach it to the diaper bag or hang it on the stroller using the built-in strap.


Wipes Dispenser

For quick access to wipes when you’re outdoors with your kids, a wipes dispenser should always be in your diaper bag. Skip Hop happens to make an excellent travel wipes dispenser that’s dependable and easy to use. It’s big enough to hold 25 wipes, and the silicone seal keeps them moist all day long. The rigid shell protects the wipes from oozing out their moisture in case you accidentally squeeze the case while it’s in the bag.  The shell is translucent, so you’ll know when to refill it.

This dispenser has a large snap lid that is easy to open and close with one hand. That lid will stay shut once you close it and won’t just randomly pop up. Its slim shape allows you to slip it in a pocket in your diaper bag. You can also use the tether to attach it to a strap on the bag or hang it on a stroller. With its inner spring and wide opening, you’ll be able to grab one or two sheets of wipes quickly to clean your kids’ hands and mouths. No snagging whatsoever.

This wipe case is made from BPA-free material. Moms and dads won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping into the wipes that will touch their kids’ mouth and hands.


Pacifier Holder

You may think that a pacifier holder is a waste of space. It’s not. This diaper bag accessory can keep baby’s pacifiers safe and clean. If you just put the pacifier in the bag, the silicone may collect lint, dust, and who knows what else.

A pacifier shield from Instant Happiness is a good example of a pacifier holder that’s big enough to fit different pacifiers from various brands, yet small enough to fit nicely in a diaper bag.  It also works well for toting nipple shield. Moms who breastfeed their babies will appreciate it a lot.

This pacifier case is shaped like an egg with a hoop on top to attach it to almost anything. However, it’s safer to dump the case in the bag. If you hang it on the diaper bag’s exterior and accidentally bump it against something, the shell may open onto the floor. The bright-colored shell makes it easy to spot when you put it in the bag so that it won’t be an inconvenience.

But, why not use a pacifier bag instead?

Simple, plastic is easier to clean than fabric. This thing is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Keeping it clean and sterile is a breeze. When a bag gets dirty easier and you either have to hand wash it or throw it in the washer. Both require drying, and that’s too time consuming.


Insulated Food Container

An insulated food container is a big deal when you’re dealing with toddlers. They get hungry all the time. An outing with a cranky, hungry toddler is no fun. Not much fun at all.  Having a food container to carry their snacks and lunch can keep their little tummies happy. It also means you can prepare fresh, nutritious food at home instead of relying on junk food from that popular chain.

Skip Hop has a really cute insulated food jar that you may try. It’s available in Owl, Bee, Monkey, Ladybug, Dog, Giraffe, and Butterfly prints. The size is just right for a medium-sized diaper bag. Skip Hop also makes large lunch boxes with the same prints, but they’re way too big to be called a diaper bag accessory.


Wet Bag

For parents who cloth diaper their kids, a wet bag is vital. This bag will keep soiled diapers separated from the rest of the diaper bag’s content. A wet bag is not only for soiled diapers, though. It’s practical for keeping any dirty or wet stuff after you finished having fun at the pool or seaside.

Planet Wise wet bags are excellent choices if your diaper bag doesn’t come with a wet bag. Their small wet bag measures 7.5-inches x 10-inches and makes the perfect companion for your baby bag because it’s not overly large. It has waterproof inner liner and is sealed perfectly to prevent leaking, keeping any smell and fluid contained.

The small wet bag can hold two to three diapers and will suffice for short trips. If you’re planning a whole day outing or have two kids in diapers, then you need a medium-sized one that can hold ten to fifteen diapers. Planet Wise wet bags are machine-washable. When you’re home, just throw it in the washer and be done with it.

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