Should I Buy A Changing Station If I Already Have A Diaper Bag?

portable baby changing stationParents who love taking their babies for a day out need to consider ways to make changing diapers as easy as possible for them and their babies. Even when they’re only taking their kids around the city from one mall to another where restrooms are abundant. Why? Because there’s no guarantee that those restrooms will have a clean surface where they can put their babies while getting their diaper changed. Some place won’t even install a changing table in their restrooms.

A portable changing station that you can carry everywhere is a great thing to have if you love traveling with your children. Now the question is, “should I buy a changing station if I already have a diaper bag?”

Most diaper bags already have some kind of changing mat included. If your bag already has one then use it until it’s too small for your child. If your baby bag doesn’t come with a changing mat or if it looks like it won’t serve its purpose well, then you may need to buy a changing station.

A good travel changing station will have everything you need for diaper changing on the go. This includes the pockets where you can put the clean diaper, wipes, baby powder, and rash cream. Having everything in one place means you won’t need to dig the bag for all the stuff you need. There should also be a wet pocket where you can put the soiled diaper temporarily until you can find a trash bin.  A wet pocket will be very useful when you’re at the beach or national park, and there isn’t a single trashcan in sight.

Another thing to consider is the size of the changing pad itself. You need one that’s big enough so it will still be usable until your baby is one-year-old. Why? Because by then your child will be able to stand firm, and changing the diaper while standing is already possible.

Huh, why would I even try standing change?

Well, in some cases that will be your only choice. The bigger your kids get, the harder it gets to get them to lie down quietly during the whole changing ritual. You can only distract your baby with toys for so long. By the time your child learn how to stand and walk, the size of the changing pad becomes less relevant.

So, I really need to get a changing station, then?

Yeah, it does make diaper changing a breeze when you’re going out with your kids. So much that you may even leave the diaper bag at home and just take that changing station when you’re taking a quick trip to the grocery store. Many parents dread taking their babies outside because they keep thinking about the hassle dragging a huge diaper bag. With a portable changing station, you just take a couple of bottles in your purse and attach the changing station on a strap on your purse.

But, I like carrying my cute diaper bag. Can’t I just get a thinner changing station without all those pockets?

A thin changing station with no pockets is just a changing mat. If a changing station is too big for you to fit it in the bag, just use the strap so you can hang it on the stroller or attach it to a strap on the baby bag. If that still seems too much, then go ahead and get a changing mat. Learn how to organize all the diaper-changing stuff neatly, and you should be okay.


If you love taking your baby places, then getting a portable changing station to go along with the diaper bag is a very good idea. With it, you will always have a clean and comfortable surface for your baby to lie on while getting his diaper changed. You also have everything in one place which makes everything easier for you.

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