Diaper Bag vs. Regular Bag – Let Us Show You The Differences

diaper bag vs regular bag

Some say a diaper bag is a waste of money. They also say that you can use any regular bag and not see any difference. Well, that might be true for some, but before we go any further, let’s dig deeper on the differences.

Diaper Bag VS Gym Bag

One bag that’s often compared to a baby bag is a gym bag because it’s big and has plenty of pockets. You probably already has one lying around and is tempted to use it as a baby bag.

You know what? Gym bag,whether it’s a duffel bag or a backpack, makes excellent nappy bag too. The pockets inside and outside allow for better organization just like a real diaper bag does. Gym bags also have bottle specifically designed for drink bottles. You can use them to keep milk or your own drinks.

The main difference between gym bags and baby bags is that gym bags aren’t cute. This will be a problem for moms who want all sweet things for their adorable babies. Gym bags are rarely fashionable too. Some moms won’t sacrifice style and always opt for fashionable diaper bags. Gym bags can’t compete with that.

Next, is the lack of insulated bottle pocket and diaper changing pad. Gym bags with insulated pockets are rare and ones with diaper changing pad are practically non-existent.

Of course, you can always a separate insulated bottle holder plus a diaper changing pad later. However, those extras may cost you more than buying a diaper bag from the get go. We haven’t even talked about dedicated wipes pocket and stroller hooks. Yes, they are inexpensive, but when you add them all up, you will be spending more than you save by using the gym bag.

Diaper Bag VS Tote Handbag

Moms who already have stylish handbags may want to reuse it as a diaper bag. However, Tote handbags generally lacking in the interior pocket department. The most you can get is three interior pockets. Their sizes aren’t exactly up to par also. Packing diapers, wipes, shoes, or bottles in those pockets will be difficult.

Regular Tote handbags are made for women to bring everyday necessities, and diapers aren’t one of them. You can get away with Totes for quick trips, though. Just slip in a diaper changing mat, diapers, wipes, bottles, and you’re all set. However, it’s still impractical for long trips, so you should get Tote baby bags instead.

Don’t be sad about retiring your gorgeous Tote handbag. There are many diaper Totes out there that’s chic, stylish, fashionable, and don’t resemble diaper bags at all. Since they are made to hold diapers and all baby stuff, you can be sure they’re usable and practical for a day outing with your children.

Diaper Bag VS Backpack

A backpack is a lifesaver for people with a bad back. The two straps evenly distribute the bag’s weight, so one shoulder doesn’t get more stressed than the other. Backpacks usually have multitude of pockets. Manufacturers know that people love to travel with their gadgets, so backpack comes with many pockets that fit whatever gadget you have. When you use a backpack, you can use those pocket to keep your baby’s gears instead.

However, just like gym bags and handbags, backpacks are rarely made from easy-to-clean material. All of them also rarely have waterproof interior lining. For good diaper bags, easy-to-clean interior lining is a given. Spills, spits, and accidents can be wiped clean easily.

If you love the comfort of a backpack, you’ll be glad to know that diaper backpack is a thing. Whether you want something cute, chic, elegant, or sporty, you will find a backpack that fits your lifestyle.


While it is possible to use an ordinary bag as a baby bag, you’ll be better off getting a real diaper bag. It will save you money from adding all kinds of accessories to make that ordinary bag work. Remember, you don’t have to spend hundreds on a baby bag. There are plenty of great diaper bags that you can get for less than $50.

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