Yodo Upgraded Baby Diaper Backpack Bag for Dad Review

Yodo Upgraded Baby Diaper Backpack Bag for DadFor those who don’t want to leave their baby alone at home or with a nanny, Yodo presents a diaper bag that enables you to carry everything your baby needs at moment’s notice. Leaving baby alone at home is risky and having a nanny take care of your baby might not be something you can afford at the moment.

Consequently, running an errand away from home must include carrying the baby around. And Yodo makes it possible to carry your baby’s essentials everywhere you go. Moms shouldn’t be the only one who takes care of the baby. Dads should too. But diaper bag’s style that usually appears girly would hinder dads from taking on this task. Yodo, however, flaunts a style that is flexible for both dads and moms. This way, parents can take turn in caring for their loved one without feeling awkward.

One of the major complaints with a lot of diaper bags is the fact that such diaper bags are not capable of providing enough comfort for the wearer. A diaper bag should be able to carry many things that baby might need and a lot of diaper bags are only able to carry them without regards to the wearer’s possible discomfort afterwards as a result. Tiredness or other possible physical pains may follow. Therefore, Yodo designs its diaper bag with comfort for the users in mind. A padded back panel serves as a way to give air a way to circulate, reducing heat on the back. The straps are also padded, meaning the wearer’s shoulders will have a chance to feel relief even for quite sometimes.

The bag is also manufactured using polyester material that is woven as well as of BPA-free quality. Without BPA, the bag contributes not only to the health of the wearer but also to the environment as it does not pollute. However, the delicate nature of the material makes washing it using a machine prohibited. Washing machine may tear the bag so it is advised that you only clean it by hands. The fact that it is delicate also lends to the bag’s lower level of sturdiness. That means, you need to be very careful in handling the bag, which also makes it a bit of a problem when you have a high mobility. 


  • Bag made of woven polyester fabric that is BPA-free and lining of soft polyester.
  • Two-way metal zips for the main compartment that can keep things inside comfortably.
  • Wipes pocket located at the side of the bag.
  • Bottle holders, insulated at the side.
  • Back pocket for parent’s stuff.
  • Back panel is padded.
  • Includes changing mat with wipes case.


  • Less sturdy.


Though stylish and gender-flexible in design, the bag isn’t all that strong and durable. It is a nice item to use as a gift it perhaps can’t be reliable enough as everyday diaper bag. As fun and functional as this item can be, there are perhaps better options out there for you to pick.

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