Yodo Convertible Baby Diaper Backpack Bag Review

Yodo Convertible Baby Diaper Backpack BagWhat do you expect after becoming a mom? What do you worry after becoming mom? Those questions sound like an echo for new mothers. There is no good reason when you already have a baby. What you have to care is always about baby. You have to think their stuff, needs, and diaper when you are going to go around with the family. What makes people delay their pregnancy is because of they are not ready to be a mom because the looking. You will need some adjustment to keep your looking cool while you take care your baby.

On the other hand, with good technology and style has changed so fast, there is no reason for you to delay having a baby because fashion is not the exact reason for you to delay. You can find many fashion style that supports a mother. The most common thing that happens dilemmatic problem in fashion is diaper bag. If it comes now, there is no excuse to avoid diaper bag because now, you can get cool diaper bag with newest style and model.

What you really think is about babyish stuff, but diaper bag now comes with cool style and cool design. It can be your cool fashion statement. One of the most recommended diaper bag you can consider to buy is Convertible Diaper Backpack Changing Insulated. What does cross into your mind when you hear convertible diaper bag? Of course, it must be about its flexibility for you to change the strap. What you’ll get from this bag when you purchase is that you will get large compartments with baby mat for easy diaper changing. If you want to bring toys, clothes and diaper bag at the same time, this bag can support what you need. As there is nothing perfect, this diaper bag comes with pros and cons too. For your considerations, here we have concluded the pros and cons.


  • As it comes with great compartments and big size, this bag is not comparable to others because the pocket and interiors are big enough to store toys, stuff, and diaper at the same time. It is enough to fit all your stuff.
  • There are two bottle holders; you can go for mineral water and milk for your baby.
  • It’s all 3 in one and can be good option for many users that need flexible You can carry on your shoulder, hand, and backpack. Just choose that you like.


  • It’s clean spot only because you cannot wash with washing machine. You’ll need to wipe with warm water or mild soap to clean the bag.
  • As this bag is convertible, it’s warned to keep using the straps well because the capability to hold things might be weaker than single strap mode diaper bag.


Don’t think that just because it does come with washable-machine does not mean that this bag is not recommended. As good reviewer, we still believe that with good maintenance, this diaper bag can be really cool option for mothers to have.

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