Vera Bradley Messenger Baby Bag Review

Vera Bradley Messenger Baby BagSome of you moms out there do not really care about what a diaper bag looks like. All you need perhaps something that does the job in carrying baby supplies without all those gimmicky features like fashionableness and everything. Perhaps availability of built-in accessories is also one of the factors you take into account but all in all, it is functionality that you view as the primary benchmark.

Then again, there are some of you who think that design should be a thing that factors into your decision to purchase a diaper bag. Maybe you value a diaper bag based on its presentation as you need it to be able to keep up with your own personal fashion style. After all, being a mom is not an excuse to look tired and all around worn out, right?

Choosing a diaper bag solely based on its functionality or how it performs generally does not necessarily mean a bad thing. It just goes to show how savvy you are as a customer; your money should be worth something when you make a purchase. However, putting a little fashion sense into something like a diaper bag will not hurt you either. If anything, a diaper bag that looks cute and elegant can contribute to an improvement of sort in terms of how you personally look.

Vera Bradley Messenger Baby Bag is a result of a marriage between fashion and function. It sports design that is dominant with English rose print. What better to show just how fancy you can be than a diaper bag dressed with floral print, right? This bag is a thing your friends can be jealous of when you hang out with them.

You can benefit from the bag’s adjustable strap. The strap can be long, making it suitable as a shoulder bag, or shorter, turning it into a crossbody bag for stronger support from the opposing shoulder. Its material is composed of cotton. This will provide comfort to you whenever you carry the bag around with you.


  • Cute, floral design makes for fashionable bag for carrying baby supplies.
  • It comes with a matching changing mat.
  • A magnetic flap makes for an easy access to the inside.
  • A wide zippered pocket at the backside, one pocket to secure drinking bottle on each side.
  • Two slip pockets at the front side (covered by the main flap), two slip pockets inside main compartments, and two elastic mesh pockets inside.


  • It is not that big. It is enough to carry everything essential but more than that will only make it look bulky.
  • No attachment system for use with a stroller. The strap is adjustable, though, so you can tighten it to a stroller. But do so with caution.
  • Filled up to its capacity, the flap doesn’t secure as much. It will only rest at the top of the bag.
  • No backpack carrying option.


For use with style in mind, this Vera Bradley diaper bag is an obvious pick. A diaper bag can’t get any cuter than this. However, when taking the storage issue into account, this bag is more of a hassle than it is a support. Sure, a changing mat with matching motif is a plus but what good is that if you can only carry limited things? But if it captures your eyes, consider using it for a short term trip. Your friends will most definitely envy your diaper bag.

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