Vera Bradley Backpack Baby Bag Review

Vera Bradley Backpack Baby BagAt some point in your life as a mom, you must have wondered whether or not it is still possible for you to hang out or go for a short trip to a store all while you have a baby that needs to be carried along. It is very easy to get defaulted to a mindset that says once you become a mommy, things will change fundamentally. Social life is restricted and the days should be filled only with activities around taking care of the baby. It is as if being a mom means you are homebound.

The truth is not even being a mom should be a factor that leads to you being homebound, confined to the four walls of the house with not even the slightest chance to see the world outside. The one factor that seems to get you defaulted to that mindset probably has a lot to do with how much of a hassle it could be to bring baby along away from home. What if the baby needs a diaper change? What if the baby cries for a good snack or a sip of milk? How to go out without even thinking about leaving the baby at home alone?

It is only a matter of time-managing and a case of finding better way to carry baby supplies and gears. You know, most diaper bags out there look like what they exactly are—a bulky bag containing diapers and all the things that scream you are a mom. You need something that is good-looking and practical at the same time.

Just like what Vera Bradley Backpack Baby Bag has to offer you. The fabric of which it is made is soft to the touch, to boot, making it comfortable to carry. That, coupled with the padded shoulder straps, should provide you with an ease of use. Spacious compartment is a plus point, of course, seeing how you need to carry all the essentials along when out.

On the appearance front, the bag packs a cute print of floral motif. Nothing speaks out cuteness and motherliness better than flowery stuff, right? The bag is capable enough of being the one tool that will serve you well in making yourself look hip and sweet at the same time.

It being a backpack is a plus point in itself. This means you will not have to share your attention between carrying your kid and maintaining good position for your bag. It is right there at your back, keeping the stuff safe and manageable. 


  • Ergonomic design with padding on the shoulder straps to free your hands.
  • Comes with a changing pad that is kept inside a front compartment, secured with zipper.
  • Comes with 6 big-sized mesh pockets.
  • Equipped with 2 pleated pockets, special for wipes and diapers.
  • Outer bottle pockets.
  • Interior is lined with waterproof vinyl material to provide easy cleaning.


  • No support for stroller attachment.
  • No versatility in carrying options, stuck in backpack mode.
  • The size is trouble when it comes down to carrying supplies for kids older than infants. Newborns need lots of things and this bag just doesn’t cut it because it’s not that large to carry baby essentials.


The bag is cool—it’s got cute print and enough pockets to store things in. But the size could be an issue if you have a newborn—which is to say, it is a great bag for things meant for toddlers.

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