Tonwhar Mummy Bags Cute Ladybug Diaper Tote Handbag Review

Tonwhar Mummy Bags Cute Ladybug Diaper Tote HandbagWhile it may look basic, the Tonwhar Ladybug Cute Diaper Tote has its own charm.The huge Ladybug on the front is surely an eye catcher. The black fabric coupled with the white polka dots are simple yet pretty even from afar.It’s a handbag that will attract attention and compliments whenever you’re going out with your kids. Even though it’s cute, it doesn’t scream diaper bag. It will make a cute daily handbag once your children are over their diapering years.

This handbag measure 14-inches x 5-inches x 11-inches. It’s certainly not a bag for long trips or whole day outing. It’s more appropriate for a go-to bag when you take your baby for an afternoon stroll.

On the exterior,seven deep slip pockets are surrounding the bag.  You can use them to organize all the baby gears that you bring.One the front there are two slip pockets, splitting the bag evenly on its length. These pockets are big enough to hold diapers, wipes, as well as other quick access items you may carry. The huge Ladybug is embroidered on one of the front pockets.The two pockets on the sides are ideal for bottles. Sadly, none of them have insulation of any kind. If you need to carry warm formula or cold drinks, you need to get a separate insulated bottle holder.

There are three more slip pockets on the back that span the length of the bag. Narrow pocket on each end and a wide one on the middle. You can fit a book or blanket there.

You will immediately notice that not a single exterior pocket is zippered.That’s quite inconvenient because you need to be careful when putting this bag. If it topples, then everything you put in those pockets will be thrown out all over. For important things like a wallet or phone, just put them in one of the interior pockets.

The main compartment is pretty roomy. The bag is only 5-inches wide, so you can’t bring large items without making it bulky. The main compartment uses a zipper closure. It’s a high-quality zipper that runs smoothly without any hitch. It doesn’t run from end to end, though. There are still gaps on both ends. Having said that, it’s not exactly a major problem. The gap is noticeable, but it’s not big enough to let things like a blanket, clothes, or shoes to get thrown out when you accidentally topple the bag.

The interior is lined with a bright red lining. The contrast helps a lot in finding anything you put in there. Even in low light situation, you won’t need a flashlight to find a misplaced chapstick or pacifier. A changing mat is included with the bag. Just like the rest of the bag, it’s simple, yet works well for diaper changing on the go.

The shoulder straps are nicely padded, so you carry the bag comfortably on your shoulders. They are not adjustable, but they are long enough, so the bag sits nicely on your waist instead of directly under your armpit. Even when the bag is full, your hand won’t flare out much and cause discomfort.

You don’t have any extra carrying options with this bag. Those straps are the only thing you can use. There isn’t any hooks or loops on the sides where you can attach stroller straps or an adjustable shoulder strap for crossbody carry. 


  • Cute ladybug on the front
  • Simple design
  • Bright interior lining
  • Long shoulder strap
  • Includes a changing mat


  • No zippered pocket
  • Zipper closure doesn’t close the main compartment completely
  • Only one carry method 


The Tonwhar Mummy Bags Cute Ladybug diaper tote handbag is a cute medium-sized Tote diaper bag for moms who want to go for quick trips with their babies.It’s a no-fluff diaper tote that appeases moms who love simplicity.

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