Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger Review

Timi & Leslie Metro MessengerWhat are the things that constitute a good diaper bag? Sure, the functionality is one thing and there seems to be nothing else that can determine how good a diaper bag is better than this.

As is always the case with other kinds of bags, practicality comes as the primary feature a diaper bag must have. A diaper bag cannot function as it is intended for if it does not allow its user to organize and easily find stuff inside it. There should also be plenty of rooms inside the diaper bag so as to allow the wearer as many essentials as it takes to take care of the baby. Versatility in carrying options comes next as this provides a user with ways to relieve pressure on their body from carrying a fully loaded bag.

But should a diaper bag sacrifice appearance to accommodate its function? Of course it should not. Timi& Leslie Metro Messenger diaper bag is a concrete proof of the fact that a diaper back can in fact be a good-looking item without losing its substance. Granted, it is only available in messenger bag style and with a little adjustment can assume the form of a cross-body bag. But with a system of stroller attachment you can hang it once you feel your shoulder is a bit sore from carrying it around.

Appearance-wise, the bag is designed in somewhat formal looks; there is no distinct element that stands out more than the other. This makes Metro unisex in style and a good choice if you are considering something that you can share with your spouse. The formal sense is also enhanced by the choice of material used in making it. It opts for leather as main material with a brass touch to round out the design.

Now, if you have some concerns about using a product of leather material, you can breathe gladly knowing that Metro opts for faux leather instead of the real thing. Obviously, the decision to use faux leather marketed with vegan label is an attempt to appeal to a broader segment of customer. Those who oppose the use of real leather can still sport an elegant style while those who don’t mind can still have another alternative of choice.Armed to the bone with plenty of pockets, the Metro diaper bag is capable of accommodating each and every product you need to tackle your baby’s needs.


  • Material uses faux leather that is free of PVC—it is environmentally healthy and vegan-friendly.
  • On each side, the bag is equipped with hooks for stroller straps for use in conjunction with a stroller.
  • The strap is adjustable, taking the bag from shoulder bag into crossbody bag.
  • The bag features 9 pockets for easy and roomy storage.
  • Two of the 9 are insulated, dedicated for securing bottles.
  • It comes with a changing pad. The pad is completed with pockets to store baby diapers and wipes.


  • The vegan leather label can easily slip into being cheap and of low quality.
  • If you see pictures of the bag online, it may look bright brown. In reality, the bag is deep brown. Zippers look gold online but somewhat bronze-ish in reality.


If you love leathery products, this one is for you. But purchase at your own risk. The faux leather may peel off within weeks of use but it is easy to think that it’s a logical consequence of choosing leather products that are not made of leather. It has roomy spaces to bring all your essential needs for the baby but with quality like that, is it worth the price?

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