Timi & Leslie Madison 7 Piece Diaper Bag Set Review

Timi & Leslie Madison 7 Piece Diaper Bag SetBeing hesitant about fashion after having a baby is wrong. Worrying style after being a mom is wrong. There are many fashions that can help you to get better fashion style to support your job as a mother. One of the most common things that every mom will see is diaper bag. Coming with various brands and style, it must be daunting task to choose.

One of our recommendation bags for this is Timi and Leslie Madison handbag. Do you doubt about the size of handbag? You are wrong because now handbag can brilliantly become a diaper bag. Like this Time and Leslie bag, it comes with great feature for a diaper bag and stylish bag. You’ll get 7 piece set like you’ll get a bag and accessories. There is one pair of stroller straps, and you also get one adjustable shoulder strap to make you flexible in handling and carrying the bag. Who thinks that there is no handbag that comes with bottle holder?

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag Madison 7 Piece Set is the only diaper bag product that provides complete features. Timi & Leslie consists of seven sections on its purchasing package. Consist of a bag completed with 6 accessories. Starting from Stroller straps and detachable or adjustable shoulders which will give you different choice when carrying the bag. You simply adjust best position when it is carried. You could use a shoulder strap or select stroller straps. Insulated bottle tote is given to allow you store the bottle for your baby. The outer skin layer provides maximum beauty; brown straps add a classic and elegant taste.

This handbag of Timi and Leslie has one insulated bottle pocket and 1 zipper clothes. What makes this bag is recommended is that even this is a handbag but the space and changing mat is still available in this bag. Unlike another diaper bag with handbag design, this bag is capable enough to bring more stuff inside.


  • The pockets are just great and big enough for bottle, diaper, and toys. You can imagine how big this handbag is.
  • The height of strap that is adjustable gives more comforts when you are wearing this bag.
  • It’s almost a perfect handbag because you still get pockets and wide enough interior.


  • There is no pad for the strap so it will be probably tiring on shoulders when you are carrying much stuff inside the bag.
  • You won’t get base protection although the capacity is big. It’ll be trouble when you bring water.


There are many brands of diaper bag, but you will be tired to choose because the brands are just too various. This Timi and Leslie is good for those who love handbag but still want to get the big space for baby’s stuff. Indeed, you will not get base protection but with good arrangement of stuff inside bag, it’ll be safe always to stand the bag everywhere. It just depends on how you treat it when you are traveling with your baby.

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