Stylish Insular Diaper Bag Review

Stylish Insular Diaper BagsThe most common dilemma when someone becomes a parent is that they worry about losing quality time with their friends and losing their stylish look. It’s an odd problem because it’s time for modern thing. You can still look stylish even you have had a baby.

That is why there are many manufacturers that tried to make diaper bag with stylish design. Even the carrier will not look like a mother because diaper bag they carry is great. Choosing best diaper bag can be daunting task because there are many brands compete in this category. Many of them have improved every year, so when they update their product, they will get the sales. One of promising diaper bags that have gone through so many years is Stylish Insular Diaper Waterproof Backpack.

Coming with backpack design and pink color, this bag is amazing for its cute and modern design. As its name is Waterproof bag, so you have known that it will always dry when you accidentally pour water on bag. Although it comes with great features, this bag still has pros and cons. For your thorough considerations, we give some pros and cons we have researched.


  • It has convenient interior with ten pockets total for both exterior and interior. This may be one and only diaper bag that has ten pockets to let users have good management of stuff
  • It is flexible because it can be daily backpack for both traveling and even just carrying laptop.
  • It’s easy to clean because you only need to wipe. Moreover, the zip of this bag is easy to move.


  • Although this Stylish Insular Diaper Bag comes with roomy interior but still there is no bottle pocket, which is good when it has that one, it’s not essential feature because other pockets are far more important.
  • It’s not enough for working if some users make this backpack as working bag like they must store lunch, drink bottle and more.


If you want to look young and stylish, this backpack is great for diaper bag. It’s called diaper backpack, but this even looks like backpack for daily routine or working. You indeed can put laptop inside, but it’s great for working too. Although, you cannot put your lunch inside but if you want to get dual function of diaper backpack, you still can make it. This backpack is really recommended for those who want to save budget for their backpack and diaper bag budget.

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