Storksak Bobby Quilted Tote Bag Review

Storksak Bobby Quilted Tote BagAre you feeling tired when you are holding or taking your diaper bag? You may need a new bag with more comforts provided by the manufacturer. Although it is hard to find, I am sure you can find a better bag. Taking the diaper bag is something new for new mothers. They may think about their style, but you can now have a stylish diaper bag with tons of style you wish.

Now there are many diaper bags that come with great style, and some people may not recognize that it’s for storing diaper. One of the most recommended bag you can try to have is Storksak Bobby Quilted Tote Black. If you are tired of having a heavyweight to take, this bag comes with padded shoulders straps that you can go with ease and light. If you are bored with the outside style, you can change the case so you can match and remove the current case.

Thinking to store more stuff, you don’t need to worry because it has internal pockets and three external pockets with great room. It is a bit roomy so you can store more than diapers inside the bag. You can store toys and more accessories that your kids like to travel around with your family. These are the pros and cons you can consider.


  • Big space lets you have more organized stuff inside bags. You can have enough space for bottles, wipes, diapers and extra clothes for your baby; you don’t have to think about the look because it can fit perfectly.
  • Coming with simple pad, you will never feel tired to take your stuff because the padded straps help you to get more comforts.
  • Wipe clean nylons are removable so you can adjust the style and the color of nylon.


  • It is just for clean spot because you cannot wash the bag, it is not good if you put into washing machine because it can do damage.
  • The size is somewhat heavy, but it does not matter because the padded will help you a lot.
  • Focused and good maintenance is required to keep it durable.


Thinking to have a stylish bag with removable case can be great answer. For those who worry about the matching stuff and you don’t understand how to match the diaper bag into style, this bag is running better when you can remove the case and make it match.

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