Solid DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Backpack Diaper BagIs your guy best friend currently expecting and you really spend too much time thinking what should be a perfect gift for him? It is a tricky issue, indeed. You will want to find neither something that does not say something along the line of “Hey, congrats, you’re now old” nor something that is too “tame” in any sense of the word.

Or perhaps you are expecting and are now thinking about a proper item to gift to yourself. There are a lot of options available out there but be sure you pick up something that is entirely functional and practical and stylish all at the same time. Sure, a shirt is nice. How about a diaper bag? It’s functional, helpful, and with a correct selection, fashionable.

Still have no clue? Here, DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag may be your choice of gift. Why DadGear? Well, the fact that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis wear this bad boy should be enough reason for you to see just how reliable it is. However, celebrity endorsement aside, the bag is indeed a wonder in itself. The bag is designed in clamshell opening to give you ease of use. This means that the main compartment’s zipper line opens up all the way down to allow you to access it easily—as opposed to many other bags that only open to halfway to the height of the body. It comes with its own wipes pocket, with which you can place a wipes pack and have a quick access to them. The bag is also made to have a special hammock at the top of its inner compartment, dedicated to storing diapers so you will not need to dig too deep just find that one piece of diaper when situation demands so.

With more than a dozen pockets adorning this bag, you would think it is kind of heavy on its own. But you couldn’t be any more wrong because the bag is somewhat reasonably lightweight. As if that’s not enough, the bag also boasts padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to your liking. 


  • Clamshell design makes for easy access to the contents, with padded shoulder straps making it comfortable when in use.
  • Provided along with a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with 13 compartments for maximum organization.
  • Comes with a matching changing pad and straps for stroller attachment.
  • Interior is made of light color material.
  • Features an easy access for wipes pack through a special dispenser. The section is protected with Velcro flap.
  • A dedicated hammock for diapers is available, located at the top side of the main inner.


  • The wipes pocket, while handy, is only advantageous when used with fully loaded wipes pack. Once the pack gets thinner, the pocket somehow can no longer support comfortable wipes retrieval.
  • The bag can’t stand up on its own. This is a technical issue, obviously, but you may want a bag that can hold itself up so the stuff inside won’t get messy.
  • The positioning of that diaper bag could be seen as something awkward for some as it may get in the way when you are trying to access the content of the main compartment quickly.


As far as a diaper bag is concerned, DadGear should be enough to meet your daily requirements. It comes fully packed with multiple pockets that will most definitely help you organize baby’s essentials all the time. Convenient features are available for easy access.

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