Skip Hop Forma Backpack Review

Skip Hop Forma BackpackAre you a busy working mom with concerns regarding keeping essentials within reach while going out with your baby? Or are you a busy working dad whose primary problem is about leaving the job at home while going out with your baby? As a pair of busy parents, you will need something that can tackle both domestic and professional duties without having to sacrifice any one of them.

The answer lies in what diaper bag you both use to carry all the gears and supplies your baby needs at a moment’s notice. And mind you, this thing is not something easy to find either. Most diaper bags are too girlish for a dad to carry while most other diaper bags are just so masculine they are too heavy for the moms to carry in turn. This is not about a branded diaper bag. This is a matter of a diaper bag that is not off balance. Purchasing two diaper bags, each to meet each parent’s preference seems like an easy way out but unless money is not a problem for you, that would only spell out another problem to face.

Lucky for you, Skip Hop Forma Backpack happens to be the one thing that will ease your mind when it comes to a working diaper bag. It is lightweight so moms will not find it a trouble carrying this bag and it is designed with gender neutrality in mind so dads will not avoid it at all like a plague. Plus, it is a backpack so your hands can be freed from the necessity of maintaining right position for the bag all the time. You can have your hands all to yourself to carry the baby or to tend to other more pressing matters. Also, it being a backpack means your shoulder can experience more even weight distribution, which in turn means greater chance for pain relief.

Its design boasts a quilted pattern on the outer surface, giving an emphasis on exclusive look and whatnot. Plus, the fabric is waterproof so you should not worry about your stuff getting soaked in rain—although the good rule of thumb here is to avoid rain at all cost, what with you carrying your baby and all.

However, the highlight here is two detachable rectangular pouches that can be fitted into the front compartment. Dubbed the cubes, one these two pouches are insulated, intended for the milk to keep it in regulated temperature. This way, you shouldn’t worry about feeding cold food to your youngster by the end of the day. 


  • Backpack-style with padded shoulder straps for extra comfort and stroller straps for convenient carrying options.
  • Comes with the cubes, two rectangular detachable pouches for extra storage options. One cube is insulated to keep milk in preferred temperature; the other is of mesh material to keep snacks as well as clothing. Stored inside the front pocket of the bag, the cubes are easy to access.
  • Comes with a padded changing pad. The pad is stored in a dedicated pocket, which can also act as a laptop holder.
  • Inside are pockets with elastics and a pocket special for a cell.
  • In total, there are 11 pockets in the bag for maximum organization.


  • The straps are not long enough for those with broad This is an issue of technicality, of course, which is to say such is a con on a personal level.
  • The exterior side bottle pockets are not secured in any way, not with elastic or clips. So be very attentive of how you move.
  • The changing pad pocket, which doubles as laptop holder, is not padded so you better be very cautious about the content.


The backpack is pretty much spot on. Sure, it lacks the option of being shoulder bag but who wants a shoulder bag if you can simply strap it to a stroller and move along?

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