Skip Hop Duet 2 in 1 Diaper Tote Review

Skip Hop Duet 2 in 1 Diaper ToteDo you realize that your baby needs to go traveling with you too? Now it’s time to take your baby going to the downtown, picnic or just go to the park and enjoy the outside breeze. What you need to bring may be full of baby stuff, but it’s okay because now there are many bags that can support your activity including bringing your baby to the park and outside. One of the best bags you can try is Skip Hop Duet Diaper Black? What does it do? What can you get from that bag? Here is the answer.

Coming with zipping top closure, this bag is awesome base you can secure many things inside the bag with the zip. Although it has been common yes you may not find in traditional diaper bag. This is called diaper bag, but you can do many things with this. Having stroller straps to keep you flexible with mobile convenience. Can you imagine having simple walks with baby and laying down on the park and get some easy taking the bag because there is stroller? That’s just crazy.

Another thing you can get from this diaper bag is that there is four bottle store outside. You can bring bottles of milk, foods and more. You can have three bottles with your bag. If you worry about the style, you are wrong. Faux leather lets you be stylish although what you are bringing is just diaper but the bag talks better.


  • If you are tote lover, you may have seen so many brands that come into your life and your mind is simply mind blowing with the design. This Skip Hop gets your sense. The very good pros you can get when you have this bag is that it looks similar to many prominent brands of bags.
  • It has a lot of rooms that will let you have more storage for diapers and toys. Inside the bag, you will have many pockets with different space; you can organize the part you have to store inside the bag so it will not be mixed and well-organized.
  • The straps of this bag are simply brilliant. It makes you easy to open the pram and feels on the bottom will keep your diaper bag stand properly on the floor.


  • None is perfect, and so this bag is. The tote is sometimes way too big. It is not good for those who use to spend their times outside. This bag will look too big and not too good in dirty spot.
  • Although it has good looking, this is made of rubber. If you don’t read the instruction of washing, you can simply damage the product because you don’t know how to wash properly.
  • The weight is just too heavy in some cases.


If you’re tote lover, size doesn’t matter because it can still be fashionable. You’ll have more spaces for more stuff, diapers & toys, personal gadget, anything you want. Different people, different taste, but its design will captivate anyone. Skip Hop helps you manage your stuff well, making your preparation before traveling runs without messy.

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