Skip Hop Dash Messenger Diaper Bag Review

Skip Hop Dash Messenger Diaper BagAre you planning on carrying your baby up for a vacation? Or perhaps you just want to bring your little one to a cozy lounging with friends on an afternoon? Well, whatever the occasion is, unless you have a nanny at home to leave the baby with, you are going to need to bring your kid’s gears and supplies just in case. You can carry them all in your car. But if your car is parked somewhere far from the location of the meeting, this would turn into a problem. There is no way you are going out the mall just to get a diaper, right?

There is no other easy way than to carry them all along. And you are going to need a diaper bag for that. However, being a hip mom, there’s a big chance that you will fear the bag will have certain impacts on your appearance and style. An image of a big, ugly, totally unfashionable bag comes to your mind, maybe.

Well, not to worry, ladies, as Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag is here to help you out of this trouble. Dash is a diaper bag designed to meet every urban mom out there who still needs to keep their style fresh and free of those common signs of being a mom: crumpled, disheveled, and all around worn out. Sporting 11 rooms for stuffs to keep in, Dash can be used in one of the two ways. First, you can wear it right away. In this mode, Dash functions the same way as a regular messenger bag. The padding on the strap will make the bag sits comfortably on your shoulder. Second, you can attach it to the baby stroller. In this second mode, you can just leave the strap be or you can take it away to get a sleeker look on the stroller.

If you think you will have to carry another bag for your personal items, think again. Dash is armed with enough rooms to store your own things inside. It even has a compartment for you to keep your iPad in.


  • 11 compartments including pen-holders, a pocket on each side to keep sippy cups or bottles, a key fob, and pocket with zipper for personal stuffs.
  • Two modes of wearing: by shoulder and attached to a stroller. Stroller attachment features anti-slip materials.
  • Shoulder strap is removable and sports a pad that is soft.


  • It is smaller than it looks.
  • Limitation in space size makes it less accommodative for someone with more than one kid.


Dash looks fashionable. It surely does help with those who want to keep up with being stylish and hip all the time despite being a mom. Its two-way method of carrying makes it dependable, functionality-wise but the small spaces it sports render it a little bit useless either for those who just wish to carry more things or for those with two or more kids.

It still boasts versatility, though. So perhaps if you are interested in this product, think about its accommodative capacity. If you do make a purchase of it, consider using it for a short-term trip or when going out to somewhere near the house.

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