RLB Multi-Purpose Camouflage Travel Diaper Backpack Review

RLB Multi-Purpose Camouflage Travel Diaper BackpackHave you ever been in a situation where you are out with the baby and suddenly the rain pours down so hard like never before? If not, please take a moment to think about how hectic things can get at the time. Protecting your baby is a given; it goes without mentions. What about all those things inside the diaper bag? Clothes can be aired to dry. Bottles can be wiped dry. But all those perfectly good diapers and wipes might be rendered useless and those snacks might get soaked up wet. Let’s not even begin with what would happen to your cell phone and tablet.

Rain, as much of a blessing as it is, can ruin a day out with your baby. Actually, threats from water can befall you in any forms at all. In an unfortunate event, your diaper bag might slide off your shoulder, falling right into a sewer. It might be retrievable but the contents should be in no good way. So, what is to use against these scenarios? Covering the bag with a waterproof cover is a good idea but what’s even better is using a waterproof diaper bag.

Take RLB Multi-Purpose Camouflage Travel Diaper Backpack, for example. It is a bag that can withstand the threats posed by water as it is water resistant. You can walk down a lane with your baby feeling safe and protected. Using this backpack, when the rain starts pouring down, you can focus on protecting your loved ones instead of having your attention divided by so many concerns.

If you happen to bring your work on your electronic devices during a day out with your baby, the bag can protect them from getting soaked in water too. So all you need to do next is simply find a place to wait for the rain to stop. The bag, when empty, is fairly lightweight so you need not worry about having to carry something so heavy on your back.


  • Made of polyester fabric; it’s waterproof and is multipurpose as in addition to being a diaper bag, it is also an everyday backpack.
  • It is large enough to carry all the essentials. The compartments are divided into three sections: two large pockets and one front pocket.
  • The front pocket is suitable for storing small items like cell phones, wallets, and keys. It is easy to access.
  • Middle compartment is dedicated for storing baby’s essentials: 3 bottle pockets that are insulated, a large mesh pocket for extra diapers, and a special wipes dispenser.
  • The last compartment is extra-large, perfect for storing laptop and tablet, clothes, snack container, and toys.
  • On each side there is an elastic pocket for drinking bottles or other items that need quick access.
  • The back panel is padded and lined with mesh to provide a breathable space between the bag and the wearer.
  • The straps are padded thickly and adjustable.
  • Clips on the sides for extra security.


  • So far, there is not much talk about the cons regarding this backpack.


The only thing close to a con about this bag is the absence of stroller straps—which is forgivable considering it’s a backpack. Coupled with the fact that it is designed to provide comfort while in use, the inability of being attached to a stroller is easily dismissible.

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