Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Diaper Handbag Review

Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Diaper HandbagWho loves handbag? Almost all women love to have a handbag. No matter the price and the brand is, when it’s so good to look at one bag, especially handbag, they will click and then buy the bag. Once they love it, they will keep buying and collecting. When it’s been more complicated as you now have a baby, handbag should be as good as for diaper bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag Knocked Up Diaper is an answer to women’s question about the stylish diaper bag. Rebecca Minkoff is the best choice because it features beauty & comfort feel at once. Besides being made with high-quality leather, leather sewing process is done manually resulting in a high level of working detail. Special features such as custom light gold hardware on the bag will give luxury impression. The elegant impression is emerging from exclusive lining combined with changing pad. Black selected as a dominant color because it makes every part of bag perfectly highlighted. It’s finished with distinctive design that makes it unique compared to another bag.

The needs are bigger, and there have to storages to store more stuff for baby and you. There is nothing to worry about choosing which one is good for you because now Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag with its great feature and style now comes with diaper bag product. It’s as beautiful as handbag in common where you can see it in another general style of Rebecca product.

Coming with leather cover, this black diaper bag is so matched to all of women that now have to store more stuff for their babies. The lining is nylon to keep you get strong and stylish lining. If you worry about the flexibility of handbag, you should try to use the straps that can drop for more than 17″. For your considerations, we give several views of pros and cons of this Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Diaper Bag.


  • Gold hardware lets you get an elegant look when you are wearing it.
  • The straps and handle are just comfortably fit to shoulders however your height is. Moreover, there is an additional strap that can drop more than 17″ for more convenient handling.
  • The size is big enough for average needs storage, so even this is a handbag, you still get big enough space to store some stuff.


  • Since the size is average, this handbag is not too good for far traveling because it cannot cover more stuff inside the bag.
  • There is no changing mat or pad, so you’d better bring changing to keep your diaper stored well.
  • There is no enough interior pocket to organize more stuff, but it’s still good for average storage.


Handbag usually comes with average space; this is so dilemmatic for those who need more storage but love the style of this Rebecca bag. However, although there is imperfection of size, this bag is still recommended as well as you care the fashion style. You don’t need to think out loud and worry about the size because it’s all your hand to count what stuff you should bring inside this handbag. The fashion statement of bag will never be this great with a handbag for diaper bag.

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