Quilted Hot Pink And Natural Camo Diaper Bag Review

Quilted Hot Pink And Natural Camo Diaper BagPink is the color of freshness and liveliness. What else more capable of appearing beautiful than a bag in pink? Applied to a diaper bag, that’s a whole lot of different story. Most diaper bag seems to struggle to find its identity. Some are trying so hard to distribute the functionality and appearance evenly that many miss all the marks. Some are giving up trying at all that they seek to achieve maximum impact on one part of the aspects.

The Quilted Hot Pink And Natural Camo Diaper Bag falls on the latter category. The “camo” part of the name is implemented in a way that one can no longer discern what it really is. The bag is not trying to mask its simplicity with so many features because let’s be honest here, sometimes more features make a bag hard to comprehend.

So the bag is essentially a tote bag. Large enough to function as a bag but it is still too small to work as a diaper bag that can contain baby’s essentials, which are many. However, the wearer should be easy to derive benefits from its style and look. It is very cute with quilted material that is supposed to be smooth and comfortable to the touch.

As said before, not much can be expected from it as it only features limited pockets on the inside and then some on the outside. But it does come with a changing pad and a purse for cosmetics so moms can still reapply makeup all while caring for their baby. With only single carrying method, one should make sure one knows what to deal with before embarking on a trip away from home with the bag. This is becoming an important concern because unavailability of different carrying methods can lead to limited access to a lot other things.

But hey, you can still rock a sweet look at the very least. 


  • Cute tote bag design.
  • Made of cotton; quilted surface makes for comfy carrying.
  • Comes with a changing pad and a matching cosmetic purse.
  • Three open pockets on the inside, one zippered pocket at the back, and flapless pockets on the front. The main compartment is secured with zipper.


  • No adjustable straps.
  • No stroller straps.
  • Pockets are mostly unsecured.
  • Less sturdy material.
  • Too small for everyday use.
  • Limited functionality with emphasis on look alone.


The bag is, well, pretty. And that stops there. It is okay to want to still look pretty while being a mom but at least the bag used to carry baby supplies should be versatile in the methods of carrying. Being available only in tote mode will sooner or later take a toll on the moms themselves as they should find it difficult to still be able to get a grip on the bag and the baby at the same time. And that is not to mention the pain this bag will leave on the shoulder as the straps aren’t padded at all. It is a cute purse, though.

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