Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote Diaper Bag Review

Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote Diaper BagHave you ever found the best diaper bag for your plan to travel around with your baby and you don’t have idea to store the diaper? It’s time to try some bags that can come with more pockets so you can store many things like diaper, makeup, first aid and you got to think about to store the simple and small stuff that your children may need.

This bag of Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote Diaper Bag is 13 inches bag that comes with traditional and country looking to bring you more classic style. Zip top can be opened so it has large space to store. There are six pockets inside that lets you have more storages in the bag. Waterproof and protective feet.

Don’t take too much because there will be pros and cons in every line we have here so make sure that you notice all pros and think little on cons because basically, these products are just amazing to have so keep reading.


  • The straps are long to keep you ease in getting in the shoulder. You can make It short when you want to make short so keep in mind that almost all products of the diaper bag are flexible for both long and short strap.
  • Waterproof lets you have more protections when the rain comes. You can bring the valuable or gadgets inside the bag so there will be protections to keep you safe and comfortable with kind of protection.
  • The roomy space lets people store much stuff like makeup and toys and diapers.


  • This is not washable so think more when you are going to use it in outside that has a dirty wash machine can be so dangerous to degrade the quality so keep in mind to keep it clean from dirty space.
  • The leather is not real, so it is probably not as durable as you think.
  • When the bag is full, it’s hard to control the bag, and it sometimes goes down when it’s been full of stuff.


It’s hard to conclude that this Petunia is the best thing ever for your diaper bag because there have been a lot of bags you can do with when you are traveling but honestly said that you could not move on the other side when you have been stuck in this Petunia Tote Bag. You just need to consider more on the pros and cons you have read.

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