Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible Diaper Bag Review

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible Diaper BagDo you think that being a mom is an odd choice for those women that really care about fashion? You are totally wrong. Having a baby is everyone’s dreams, and none could deny it. Who will not love baby when it comes? Baby is the greatest blessing in marriage. In this modern era, people should not worry about what they are looking. If you are caring about the fashion, there must be tricky tips to make you keep cool. You can buy some fashions that support mothers to look good.

As there are many fashions, store that really support. One of fashion thing that everyone will very care is bag. Bag is important when you have baby. Bag is for storing foods, stuff, clothes and of course diaper. You have to realize when you are going to travel around; you have to keep your baby needs in your hand especially diaper bag. That is why choosing diaper bag must be daunting because there are hundreds of bags that come with great look and features. One of the most recommended diaper bags we have chosen is Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. You don’t need to think about to research because we have done the trial.

What you’ll get from this diaper bag is removable changing pad to let you wash in machine. There are many pockets to organize your baby’ stuff. What makes this diaper bag is simple and lovely is its ease to carry. You can even use this bag as hands-free backpack or long messenger bag. Moreover, there is changing station that lets you have changing pad. Although it comes with great feature,  but there are still pros and cons you should care about to consider. It’s small, but it has lot of compartments to organize the stuff like toys and diaper bag.


  • It’s good to carry and comfortable. This bag will be great for those mothers that usually keep everything simple but in good functionality.
  • It’s easy to clean because you only need to wipe with warm water to clean.


  • In certain look, it’s too huge because as you need simple bag, you may not be comfortable wearing this bag because of the size.
  • It’s sad because you cannot get the bottle holder. It should be more work because you’ve to bring additional pocket for bottle.
  • As it comes with deep pocket, sometimes it’s just too deep, so you need to dig more.


This bag comes with great, and basic feature that everyone can like but as it’s not perfect at all, you can still get confusion seeing the cons. The conclusion is pretty simple. If you want to have simple but good organizer for baby stuff, you may need to look other bags because the size is huge. Although this bag does not come with bottle pockets but for making it tricky, you can buy the attachment or additional pockets to apply.

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