PeelCo Le Petit 3 in 1 Diaper bag Review

PeelCo Le Petit 3 in 1 Diaper bagMother always has a problem. They want to look beautiful with the newest style from toe to head but sometimes they realize that they cannot do it because they already had the baby. To make your baby happy, their needs should be on bag. The diaper bag is the only reason why mothers worry about the style. It’s old problem because you now can have modern and stylish bag with multi-option of style and look.

You actually have no reason to be embarrassed when you are going to go with your baby carrying their needs and stuff because of some cool diapers bag coming. Some mothers may want their husband to carry the diaper bag, but now problems come to dad as diaper bag is not that good for daddy to carry. Now, you don’t have to worry because there are some bags that come with unisex style and dad really can carry the bag too. There are many manufacturers that go with some styles but choosing one can be really daunting. You will have to make tough considerations to choose the best one. One of the best ways to choose the right and best diaper bag is choosing our recommendations.

One of our recommendation for Unisex diaper bag is PeelCo. Why do we have to recommend this? Our reason is pretty simple because this Peelco diaper bag comes with convertible style that has been good options to carry. You can make it portable and get changing stations simply. This bag also can be great choices for dad to help their wife to help. There is no reason to avoid or ignore wife’s ask to carry diaper bag because this bag is so supportive of men’s style. That is why you have to try to buy this. For your more considerations, we give you little pros and cons you might like to make it considerations from there.


  • This bag is so flexible and has so many benefits like you can change the diaper bag into changing station. It’ll be cool feature because you don’t need to have changing pad station for your baby.
  • It is great product with many compartments available in this bag. It comes with some pockets outside and inside.
  • All of pockets are easily accessible, so you don’t need to dig deeper to get what you need.


  • The pad does not come will so it sometimes cannot hold properly.
  • Some sides are a bit floppy but with good way to carry, it’s not a big deal for the users.
  • The storage might not be as many as other diaper bags.


If mothers really want their husband to carry diaper bag, this Peelco diaper bag seems proper. Coming with high standard and great feature, this can be matched with the needs and fashion statement of husband. When you are tired, just give the bag over your husband. There is no reason for husband to refuse because the design is cool enough for men.

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