Okiedog Mondrian Sumo Messenger Diaper Bag Review

Okiedog Mondrian Sumo messenger diaper bagWhen thinking about a diaper bag, the image that comes to mind rarely involves style and fashionableness. It will all be about something that is big and hurts the eyes. However, despite this presumption, a diaper bag is indeed functional. It lends a hand to a mom who wishes to be able to still hang out with friends somewhere without having to leave her baby at home with a nanny.

Hiring a nanny or a babysitter may sound like a better idea but you have to realize that a baby is in a stage where it should develop a bond with the mom first. So, maybe sacrificing your style and hip, urban look by carrying a diaper bad is something worth the risk.

Or maybe not, because Okiedog Mondrian Sumo messenger diaper bag is here as a solution for you. When you wear the Sumo, everything about your needs of staying at your most stylish appearance can be tackled all while not having to sacrifice your baby’s necessities. Made of polyester, the Sumo is a thing of great versatility as evidenced by its ability to morph back and forth from a messenger bag and a backpack.

What’s more, the Sumo is also a product that cares about both the baby and mom’s health and comfort. Other diaper bags may only emphasize on functionality and accommodativeness alone but the Sumo offers variations of ways of carrying that may match a mom’s preferences. It is also very attentive to what moms need from a diaper bag as there is a dedicated zone within it for things that a parent owns like phone, wallet, or keys.

The Sumo comes with variety of accessories to give moms a wider range of options in carrying stuff their baby requires while being outdoors. It is also designed with light-weight in mind so as to keep moms away from having backaches or shoulder-aches.


  • Made of lightweight material so no physical symptoms manifest from wearing it.
  • Two loops to keep small stuffs inside.
  • A compartment special for mom’s personal items such as phones and all.
  • A specific system to attach the bag and its accessories to the stroller.
  • Accessories: changing mat for baby, stroller clips, insulated bottle case, accessories pouch.
  • Broader convertibility: handle for carry, backpack mode, messenger bag style. Strap is comfortable.


  • The material feels like a cheap canvas. Products with bright colors look like they are easy to stain.
  • Straps for backpack are thin, may be comfortable for a couple of hours but can be a drag when worn all day long.
  • The Velcro closure flap makes loud sound when opened and it may catch on some materials. This closure also comes off easily within short period of use.
  • Despite having plenty of compartments, the bag doesn’t hold that much. The bag offers great organizational system but with less room for the hands to quickly get something out.
  • The bottom side isn’t equipped with footings so watch out for soggy and wet surfaces before putting it down.


Advertised as lightweight, the Sumo should be an easy pick. With its features that also pay attention to what moms need, the bag must be a fan favorite. However, the lightweight that the bag is advertised as is present through its material, which is thin. This may backfire as being the factor that makes the bag somehow look cheap. However, its many accessories may come in handy when moms want to store more things inside.

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