OiOi Satchel Leather Diaper Bag Review

OiOi Satchel Diaper BagWho thinks that it’s impossible to get stylish diaper bag? It’s an odd thought because now you can find it everywhere. We understand that mom has to look good and stylish that is we now find diaper bag with good storages to cover all stuff inside bag.

Oioi Satchel Diaper Bag gives you best choice because it has unique design. This bag is specially designed for men so that they can still bring diaper bag but still stylish. How to defend all of these options? Two tone distressed leather is the answer. The combination of the two colors makes Oioi design seems more beautiful and enjoyable. It gives rugged and vintage look at once. Available features in the purchase package include double straps, shoulder, and hand straps. Oioi provides a large enough space. You can bring a laptop. Therefore, the bag can be used as a briefcase. You can get two functions in one bag. The choice of available colors includes blue, green, dark brown, dark, gray, and dark green.

There are many brands out there so it might be hard to find the best one. When you have been so confused searching best diaper bag, OiOI Satchel Diaper Bag has to be on your list. Why we do say so? It’s simple because the feature is enough for us to call it as one of the perfect diaper bags. It has casual and elegant look at the same time. Moreover, you don’t need to think about space that looks small because it also comes with additional bottle holder.

We all know that not all bags comes with that perfection but for making sure you won’t miss this, we keep the pros highlighted in this review. OiOi deserves good highlight. Coming with good management of pockets, this diaper bag may be the best one because it has fewer cons. As a good reviewer, we keep our objectivity and admit that there is nothing perfect, so there are still cons from this OiOi diaper bag.


  • Antique gold hardware lets you look good and stylish. Who denies this bag as stylish one? Leather and gold hardware is just too cool to be true in a bag.
  • There is protective base that will let your bag safe when you are putting it. Don’t worry about the falling bag and the inside stuff because the base protection will keep it.
  • It comes with large padded changing mat, so you don’t need to worry about your baby’s comfort when you are traveling around with baby, and you need to change the diaper.
  • If you worry about zipping closure, there is back up for closing protection. This bag comes with magnetic snap closure to ensure the stuff is safe.


  • Although it comes with additional bottle holder, not all people like it because it ruins functionality of this bag. Moreover, it’s a bit bothersome to bring more pockets for additional needs.
  • It’s hard to clean because the leather is soft and it has to be only in clean spot.


Thinking to have good diaper bag, this OiOi is recommended. Why do we have to recommend this high-class bag? Seeing the great feature and style, this bag should not be on top list of high class. It’s common. Coming with stylish and young design, this bag has been in top sales in every online store. Don’t worry about the cons because you can make it tricky ways to clean and keep it comfortable bringing the bottle holder.

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