OiOi Safari Medallion Slouch Tote Diaper Bag Style 6471 Review

OiOi Safari Medallion Slouch Tote Diaper Bag Style 6471It’s time to choose best tote diaper bag for your more convenient traveling so OiOi Safari might be the best answer for it. There is no time to think about more considerations to see because we had researched a lot on these things so just make sure that the needs are in line with the pros we have mentioned in the review on each product.

There are many considerations you can make but there is only one thing we should make it equal that you should choose good quality that can save your money for further needs. What you can get from OiOi Safari is stylish and innovative, designs spectacular, a lot of pockets, stroller to keep comfortable when it goes mobile, padded straps to keep it comfortable to handle, protective metal feet.

If you have known the feature, so here we have the pros and cons that you can consider in choosing which bag you have to buy. All bags are same, but it’s just about to have the power to help so here we give you more reviews on pros and cons of OiOi Safari.


  • Waterproof is to keep your diaper dry and don’t worry about the stuff you have thought to bring with it so keep in mind that you only bring important thing, but when you want to bring, you can go with it as it is waterproof.
  • Adjustable hardware to keep you flexible on mobile.
  • Feet stroller to keep stable.


  • Fixed stroller so it will sometimes disturb the looks when you want to carry on the back or hand so ensure that you can make it cool when it’s brought.
  • Too heavy in some cases.
  • The zipper is hard to zip sometimes. What you can do is just to give lubricants on the zipper so it will give you chill in using the bag.


To think the fixed stroller, it may be disturbing the look but to see the function; it’s more useful because you can move anywhere with the diaper bag with your children. This OiOi Safari basically comes great with its feature, and moreover, you can make sure that the things inside the bag are safe from water because the case is waterproof.

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