OiOi 6058 Messenger Diaper Bag Review

OiOi 6058 Messenger Diaper BagDiaper bag model 6058 by OiOi is what you need if you are a mom with high mobility. Your baby may be too little to be left at home while you are running errands outside the house. While hiring a nanny is a good solution for this problem, certainly you would not want to take your hands off caring for your baby, would you?

Carrying out the tasks outdoors is not an easy thing to take on especially when your baby is too little. Odds are good that you will find it distracting having to carry your baby around while also needing to do things like purchasing supplies from the supermarket. And we haven’t even talked about your phones, wallet, and car keys; everything will be hard to manage.

That is why the 6058 diaper bag is perfect for you. Carrying it will almost feel like you are carrying the entire nursery room. And that is a good thing because organization is of great essence when it comes to taking care of your baby. Plus, you never know when your baby needs what at the moment, right?

Convenience is absolutely something that the manufacturer keeps in mind when designing this diaper bag. There are plenty of spaces to store this and that and its design features a motif of grey dots—creating somewhat simplistic style but without losing that fashionable point to counter its nature being a diaper bag.

The 6058 is made of micro fiber material. This means it will be easy to clean it up whenever it stains. You can now throw in everything you have too inside the bag so there is no need of bringing two separate bags whenever you go out.

Another thing that is possible to make the 6058 a frontrunner of top diaper bag is insulated bottle pockets. Babies tend to be moody when it comes to eating. Oftentimes, the milk you have prepared at home is not emptied completely when you feed it to your baby. Now, with this insulated pockets, you can store the leftover while keeping it warm for a few hours. Throwing away cold meals is no longer a necessity now. 


  • Main compartment features a number of pockets with elastic linings and a pocket with zipper and clip to keep pacifier.
  • Waterproof materials for its pockets.
  • Two pockets at the outer side for parent’s essentials like phones, keys, or wallet.
  • Microfiber material for easy maintenance.
  • A separate pouch with zipper for wet clothes.
  • A changing pad with wipes case included.
  • Bottle pockets with insulation to keep liquid warm for two hours.
  • Metal footings at the base.
  • Straps to hang the bag on a stroller.


  • Straps aren’t adjustable.
  • The magnetic closure doesn’t hold properly.


OiOi 6058 diaper bag does wonder when helping moms out with their baby. It does so in many different ways, from accommodating more stuff to carry to keeping the food getting flushed down the drain. This diaper bag, while intended for mommies, is also neutral enough in design that daddies can also carry it up proudly.

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