Oemi Leather Diaper Bag Review

Oemi Leather Diaper BagSearching diaper bag is tiring activity since there are hundreds or even thousands models of diaper bag. Many considerations you make sometimes makes you miss the things in choosing best diaper bag. There is one and only thing you should not leave when you are choosing diaper bag, It is storage. We all know that storage is the key.

Oemi Leather Diaper Bag is the best choice since this product has some pros. Distressed aniline made with the finest cut; each piece has a special quality because it is so fine and soft. Dark brown becomes dominant color with a large enough room to accommodate whatever you want. Oemi bag’s room lets you bring large sized stuff. You can put almost any item you want. With 5 pockets, you can manage stuff well; anything could be very neat. High quality leather selected to give luxuries, elegance and privileges to each Oemi product. Shoulder strap that can be adjusted easily provides convenience when user needs high mobility device.

It does not always take about storage and space but also pockets that can help you well in organizing stuff. If you are a new mom, you might be so surprised seeing the stuff you have to bring anywhere when you are going to be with your baby. That is why storage is important. Not all diaper bags come with good fashion taste and good storage, but Oemi Leather Diaper Bag is the difference because it could answer all requirement to be the best handbag as diaper bag.

Coming with good style and perfect functionality, this Oemi Baby bag comes with comfortable pad and storage. This bag may make you ignore the traditional diaper bag as it’s too perfect for diaper bag. You won’t miss anything when you are carrying stuff with this bag. It looks small, but it’s big enough to store diapers, toys, and other stuff.


  • Coming with great pockets like you’ll get five interior pockets, two exterior pockets, one large diaper pockets, 1 for keys and cell phone and two perfect pockets for cup.
  • Premium leather cover lets you have stylish and great fashion statement with this diaper handbag.
  • The zipper is so smooth and Moreover, the straps are removable, so it makes you flexible in comfort.


  • Although this could be a big diaper handbag, there is no enough space for laptop so you can make it for laptop bag when you need to bring laptop.
  • There are no feet for protection so you’d better watch out when you put the bag.


There is nothing perfect, and it does happen to handbag called Oemi Leather Diaper Bag. Coming with good feature and look doesn’t make this bag perfect because some reasons make this bag imperfect. It all depends on your needs whether you need the cons removed from the list or not. If you want to get the more pros, you can skip. In common view, this bag is enough for both diaper and style for fashion.

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