Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack Black/Camo Review

Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack Black/CamoDo you wish you could bring your baby along in an adventure to the wild outside world? Spending time with your baby outside can strengthen the bond between you two and it is a nice way to familiarize your baby with nature. Well, you can’t expect much, your baby is still just a baby after all. But at least you can introduce it to the fresh air that the big city is clearly lacking nowadays.

However, there is one catch that might throw your plan sideways, though. How to carry your baby along with its gears and supplies so that when the time for diaper change trip comes, you won’t find yourself dazzled and not knowing what to do? Sure, that messenger diaper bag you have been so proud of is there to do the job but keep in mind that there is only so much a bag of that design can handle. What you need is a diaper backpack, one that you can find in Obersee Rio Diaper Bag.

What’s so good about this backpack is that it comes equipped with a separate cooler pack. This means a lot since a bottle can take up so much space inside a backpack while you can use that space for storing extra pieces of clothes. Having a separate container for bottles means you can also stack up more than just one bottle. While the bag is black, the cooler pack bears army prints and it is insulated, meaning you can expect a regulated temperature for the content of the bottles. No more spoiled and wasted leftovers. That cooler is also detachable and that means you can bring the pack alone in another occasion where all the baby supplies are placed in different container.

Now it is easy to think that there would be so many burdens you must carry, what with the cooler being separate, detachable item of the main bag. When the bag is already heavy with things inside, the presence of additional cooler will add more weight and that should be terrifying, especially considering you’re going to be out all day long. Not to worry, though, the backpack is lined with padded surface for both its backside and the shoulder straps. It will provide good air circulation and relieves from pressure when the bag is in prolonged use. 


  • Detachable cooler; it is insulated and can accommodate up to three bottles.
  • Comes with a changing pad.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable, armed with mesh and lined with padding. The backside is also padded.
  • Front compartment is easy to access, roomy and perfect for storing wipes in.
  • The main compartment is zippered, spacious, and features multiple pockets. This section is suitable for storing clothes, laptop, and keys.
  • Additional pocket for bottles, one on each side of the main bag.


  • Advertised as being roomy, the compartment is in fact not all that spacious.
  • The hardware part and the fabric of the bag are less durable.
  • People with narrow shoulders will find this bag a little overbearing.
  • The cooler doesn’t attach to the main bag tightly; rather, it somewhat hangs from the buckles attachment.


The idea of a separate bottle cooler is neat. The fact that it is a backpack, coupled with padded lining on the straps and backside, may increase its positive point in that it won’t tire the shoulders. However, despite boasting spacious compartment, in real life, though, you may find it less accommodative when you have to carry so many things inside. By large, it is an okay choice although there’s a chance you can always find others more accommodative than this.

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