Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack with Detachable Cooler Review

Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack with Detachable CoolerObersee Bern is what you might call an all-in-one diaper bag. It boasts a high level of functionality coupled with flexible accommodativeness married to versatile style. Both moms and dads can flaunt this bag to all their friends without having to think twice regarding gender properness.

The bag is very accommodative in that it features single unique functionality of preserving the temperature of baby bottles’ contents via its cooler pouch. Its main compartment can also be used to store parent’s stuff like laptops or tablet. You can now relax because with this bag; there is no longer need of postponing working on office duties just because you have to go out with your baby for sometimes. This bag sure makes going for a diaper change trip a breeze and all while working is also plausible at the same time.

With features like this, of course, Obersee Bern is designed with comfort highly in mind. Padded back panel offers you comfort when it becomes clear that you need to carry the bag for quite a long time. The standalone cooler is, well, cool enough as a gimmick. It comes with its own straps so you can either carry the cooler along with the main bag or simply take the cooler on its own to keep the bottles inside in a steady and controlled temperature.

Baby may not finish its food so there might be a little leftover within the bottles. Do not throw it away just store the bottles inside the cooler and that leftover can be fed again to the baby without the baby losing its appetite. 


  • Comes with a cooler of its own. Shaped like a mini backpack, the cooler is attachable to and detachable from the main backpack. Completed with clipped top handle, the cooler can carry up to three baby bottles and snacks. It is insulated, equipped with extra outer pockets, and strap for stroller attachment.
  • Comes with padded changing pad.
  • Backpack model with padded mesh straps and padded backside.
  • Features multiple pockets including one for wipes pack.
  • Special compartments for tablet computer and a laptop of up to 15 inches.
  • Bottle pockets on the side.
  • Rings for stroller attachment on the top but without the straps.
  • Durable material.


  • The top handle is attached to the shoulder straps. This makes wearing the bag causes the handle to rub against the neck.


Stroller straps should be something that a user can easily access. But this bag makes it too big a hassle by requiring one to purchase them separately. A bottle cooler that acts as a bag on its own is a nice touch but if a standard feature like straps for stroller is missing, a feature like that looks like a bit of overcompensation.

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