NimNik Premium Baby Diaper Bag Review

NimNik Premium Baby Diaper BagGoing out with your kids can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. There are many things that you need to prepare and think about. First and foremost is where are you going to keep all the things that they will need while you’re one the road?  This is why you need a good diaper bag with you.

When you’re looking for a high-quality diaper bag, you shouldn’t pass the NimNik Premium cute baby diaper bag. It has many good qualities that favored by moms and dads.  This bag doesn’t give up functionality just to be cute. Everything is carefully designed to be practical and usable.

This nappy bag is made of Polyester. Not just any kind of Polyester, though. NimNik uses odorless Polyester that’s free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and Phthalate. This bag is totally safe to use around your children and hold every baby items that you need to carry. Since it’s odorless, you do not need to air it before use. You can use it the moment it’s delivered to your door. Polyester is one material that’s easy to care. Whether it’s dirt, milk or juice spill, you can clean it easily. Everything is hand-washable.

There’s a rigid insert at the bottom of the bag that helps to keep the bag’s shape and also makes it stand on its own. You won’t need to lean the bag against something while you’re looking for something in it. The bag feels sturdy and durable. The material, stitching, and hardware are top quality.

Since the bag is quite big, this won’t be the right choice if you only need a baby bag for quick trips to the grocery store. Carrying this bag for such purpose will be awkward. This bag is made for an extended outing with your kids. It’s one of the roomiest diaper bags you’ll find. It’s big enough for keeping two kids’ worth of goodies. You can cram an awful lot of baby stuff in it. Bottles, toys, sunblock, snacks, teether, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, blankets, change of clothes, hats, and a whole lot more. When you’re taking your baby and a toddler to the beach, you can take all their necessities using just this one bag. Taking double of everything is easy with this bag even if your two kids are using cloth diapers. Bringing half a dozen of inserts and the shells is a piece of cake.

You get eight pockets in total. Inside there’s a large zippered pocket on one side and a large slip pocket on the other. The wet bag is tethered inside with a short pink strap. The wet bag is handy to keep wet clothes after you’ve done having fun at the pool or beach. You can also use it to keep dirty bibs and such. Unfortunately, this wet bag is not removable. It makes it harder to clean it thoroughly after use.

Outside, there are two side pockets, a large slip pocket on the back for the changing pad, and two front pockets (one elasticized and one with flap with Velcro fastener). The two side pockets are big enough to fit large sippy cups or bottles. You can put your personal items like wallet, cell phone, and lipstick in the front flap pocket. Sunblock, toys, teether, pacifier, or anything that you need quick access to can be put inside the elasticized pocket.

One thing that’s missing from all these pockets is an insulated one. It’s fairly common for diaper bags to come with an insulated pocket or a separate insulated bottle holder. You don’t find any of that on this bag.

A combination of double-zipper and Velcro closure makes sure all your baby stuff are secured inside. The double-zipper closure is excellent because it allows the bag to open wide. The two zippers are connected by a strap so you can zip and unzip them both quickly. The wide opening means it easy when you pack things up and grab anything you need. Even the stuff you put at the bottom of the bag is still easily accessible. The bright-colored lining helps you find things easier too.

There are only two styles available for this bag; pink owl and green monkey. They are both cute and fit baby girls as well as baby boys. The pink owl isn’t too girly, and dads won’t mind carrying it around too.

This bag has an adjustable strap. You carry it over the shoulder of across the body. There’s are no stroller straps included, but you can adjust the strap, so they are long enough for you to hang the bag on the stroller. Even though the stripe is wide and quite comfortable, it’s not padded. You may want to add a seatbelt pad on it to make the bag more comfortable to carry, especially if you’re the kind who overpack their diaper bag.

A changing mat is already included with the bag. It’s basic, and the padding is minimal, but it’s still usable and comfortable enough for the baby to lie on. With this changing mat in the bag, you always have a sanitary surface ready whenever your child needs a diaper changed. The changing mat measures 21-inches x 12-inches, which is a good size for babies up to six months old.


  • Roomy
  • Made from safe material
  • Holds your gadget easily
  • Zippered interior pockets
  • Cute and chic
  • Stand on its own
  • Wet bag and changing pad included


  • No stroller straps
  • No insulated pocket
  • Wet bag is not removable 


If you need a huge diaper bag that’s as cute and adorable as your baby, this bag will make a fine choice. It’s even big enough to be a hospital bag. Yes, even before your child is here, this bag is can already be useful. This is an impressive and cute diaper bag that’s perfect when you have two, or even three, kids in diapers. The absence of stroller straps is indeed a flaw, but it’s a minor issue compared to all the great things this bag has.

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