Multifunctional Diaper Shoulder Bag for Dad Review

Multifunctional Diaper Shoulder Bag for DadsIf for a long time you work so hard to separate work duty and dad duty, you can now merge the two with the help from Mission Critical’s diaper bag. Why?

The bag doubles as a work bag too, with which you can seamlessly slip into being dad from being a worker. With an adjustable single shoulder strap, you can transform this shoulder bag into a crossbody one. While its style is clearly masculine, there is no way telling a mom can’t use the bag too. After all, if you are already feeling tired of all those flashy and bright diaper bags, a black masculine bag can be a refreshing alternative to help you take care of your baby.

Granted, the absence of stroller straps makes the bag a questionable choice for daily use. But at least it is dependable when you are going to go out for a very short-term period. Plus, when your baby is done needing a diaper, the bag can easily be transformed into a briefcase, either for work or vacation.

It also is not equipped with a changing pad, which is an annoying fact because that means you are going to have to find one that suits the bag size-wise. One would think that a diaper bag naturally comes with its own changing pad but Mission Critical’s diaper bag seems to be designed solely to cater to what a working dad needs from a bag.

But that does not change the fact that the bag is very masculine in its design, which makes it a cool option for dads to pick.


  • The shoulder strap is padded for comfortable all-day use.
  • The top flap is enforced with clips but the upper part utilizes zipper so accessing content can be done with a single hand.
  • A large pocket is meant for storing changing pad, also doubles as laptop holder (accessible through a special side zipper too).
  • Side pockets for bottles.
  • On the front, there are two pockets with zipper for pacifiers.
  • Features a pen slot, business card holder, and a key fob.
  • Sleek design with durable material.


  • Doesn’t come with a changing pad.
  • There are no stroller straps.
  • Too small for long trip purposes.


Although its design is suitable for dads with needs of quick slips from working to baby-caring, the bag is not capable of tackling the necessities when it comes to trip away from the house for a long period. The design is comfortable for all-day long use. Durability is also top notch.

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