Muddy Girl Pink Purple Camo Quilted Diaper Bag Review

Muddy Girl Pink Purple Camo Quilted Diaper BagMuddy pink is a term applied to a diaper bag manufactured by Monte Vista. Essentially, the hue is created by blending the color purple and pink on the same fabric of polyester made. The result is a blend that is “dirty” and pretty at the same time. The toned-down shade of purple subdues the bright hue of pink while the latter’s freshness brings out the former’s liveliness.

Who knows that purple and pink can make a very dynamic combination that does not hurt in the eyes? The former is a bit calm while the latter is very energetic. When put together, the two makes a statement that says both girly and empowering at the same time. And who would’ve guessed that this combo can be effectively implemented on a diaper bag, no less?

Featuring a messenger bag style, Muddy Pink certainly appeals to moms who still want to look sweet without being too over the top. It is also casual enough in appearance that moms who want to appear energetic can sport a simple look. If you are afraid of the bag being too bland from its rather on-the-face design, there is a surprise waiting for you precisely at the closure section of it. The snap used to secure the flap closed is embedded with rhinestones. Now, don’t worry about it looking too tacky because the color of the fabric quite masks the otherwise too-bright stones under a bright light.

In terms of merging the functionality aspect of a diaper bag with stylishness of a purse, Muddy Pink hits all the marks with precision. However, in the comfort department, the bag is lacking. The strap isn’t padded in any way. It doesn’t look that much important but hey, wait for the time when you have to carry it for hours. Add a baby in your arms, and you can expect the strap leaving marks on your skin, especially if you are wearing a tank top. Even with protection from clothes, your skin can suffer and your shoulder can feel the effect in no time. The fact that the bag isn’t coming with stroller straps adds even more burden. So, maybe you can flaunt your sweet Muddy Pink bag to all your friends but be mindful of the weight your shoulder would carry.


  • Made of polyester; featuring a messenger bag style.
  • Strap is adjustable.
  • The snap closure is completed with a bling buckle embellished with rhinestones.
  • Six outer pockets: three open pockets on the front, one open pockets for bottles one each side, one back pocket with zipper. All six are laminated.
  • Includes a changing pad with two sides: one clothed surface for the baby, one is laminated to protect against dirt beneath it.
  • Five inner pockets are open and interior is laminated to promote easier cleaning.


  • No stroller straps.
  • Shoulder strap isn’t padded.
  • No carrying option other than messenger bag mode.
  • Pockets are unsecured save only for the one at the back.


Muddy Pink is a pretty bag and it seems like it is designed to only be pretty. The functionality aspect of a diaper bag is greatly diminished, sacrificed to promote the looks department. It doesn’t mean it can’t do its job as intended, but there are a lot of other bags out there that excel in both fronts.

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