MSF Baby Nappy Bag Cute Tote Bag Review

MSF Baby Nappy Bag Cute Tote BagWhen you can’t decide if you should get a large diaper bag or a small one, then you should get the MSF Baby Nappy Bag. It’s a combination of large and small diaper bag plus a changing mat and an insulated bottle holder. You get four for the price of one. That’s a steal!

All four pieces are made of PVC material which is easy to clean and wash. That’s a critical feature, especially for the changing mat. When you’re dealing with babies, you’ll eventually run into one or two accidents during the whole diaper-changing routine. You can wipe any nasty things off the changing mat easily, but hand washing it will give it a more thorough cleaning.

This cute diaper bag is available in two colors; gray and brown. The brown version has zebra prints all over the four pieces. It looks amazingly cute. The gray version has cute pictures and is equally attractive. Whichever you choose, you’re going to love it.

Let’s have a closer look at the large diaper bag first.

The large bag measures 15.7-inches x 12.2-inches x 4.7-inches. The main compartment can fit spare clothes, toys, a stack of diapers, blankets, snacks, and everything else you need to bring for a whole day outing with your child. There are four slip pockets plus a zippered pocket inside that you can use to better organize everything you need to carry.

On the front, there are two large zippered pockets. One of them has a smaller zippered pocket. You can put your wallet, phone, and keys neatly in there. There’s a slip pocket on either side that will fit bottles just fine.

Both the large and small bag has two carry options. You can use the handles to carry it like a handbag, or use the shoulder strap to carry it like a messenger bag. There are no stroller straps or hooks included. If you need to attach it to a stroller or shopping cart, you’re going to need to get one of those universal stroller straps.

Now, the smaller bag has similar design with the larger bag, except that everything is made smaller. This is a nice bag to carry when you just need to run quick errands. It still has enough room to put a variety of baby necessities. You can also use it to separate all your personal items when you need to pack extra for a weekend getaway. Let the large bag holds all your baby’s paraphernalia and use the smaller one to keep your own.

The bottle holder is certainly worthy of praise. That thing can hold two 8oz bottles snugly. It’s insulated too. It will keep warm milk or cold drinks at their desired temperature for a long time.

And let’s not forget about the changing mat. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it’s nicely padded and feels soft to the touch. It’s practical and usable for diaper changing on the go. You don’t need to worry if any nearby restrooms have decent changing table installed or not. Whenever your baby needs his diaper changed, you can pop out the changing mat, lay it on a flat surface, and start changing.


  • Four pieces in one package
  • Cute prints
  • Large bag is roomy with lots of pockets
  • Small bag is practical for short trips


  • No stroller straps


The MSF Baby Nappy Bag is an excellent choice for those who need both a large diaper bag and a small one. Both the large and small bag is cute, functional, and practical. The bottle holder and changing mat are no different. If you need an all-in-one diaper bag for yourself or as a gift, look no further. This is a brilliant diaper bag with incredible value.

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