Michael Kors Jet Set Large Nylon Pocket Baby Diaper Bag Review

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Nylon Pocket Baby Diaper BagWhat is your main goal after marriage? When you have just married, baby is number one wish for every couple including you. Sadly, not all couple wish to have babies soon because they still want to have quality time as a married couple. Another reason why there are many couples postpones their plan for having baby is that they are not ready to be parents. Some of them may have a psychological reason, but some of them just worry about not being able to have fun with friends and looking odd with baby stuff. That’s wrong. Even, that’s completely wrong view.

Being a parent is such big blessing. If style is the matter, we have a solution. Not trying to be so smart in term of fashion, but being stylish when you already become parents is so possible. Being a mother does not mean that you cannot be stylish and good looking. You can be more stylish than you are single. Parents have another great aura. Unlike being single, you will have to take your baby everywhere you go. The only difference is the stuff you have to bring. Preparing baby stuff will be easy when you have diaper bag. You don’t have to worry about the bag that everyone thinks that it’s odd for its babyish design.

It’s wrong understanding. What makes it different is just the presence of the baby. Your style keeps glorious. There are many diaper bags that can support yours as a mom and a woman that still has good taste in style. One of the most recommended diaper bags for your baby is Michael Kors Jet Set Large Nylon. Coming with nylon material, this must be smooth and soft. It’ll be safe and more comfortable. There are many features you can get from this diaper bag, but there are still pros and cons you can consider.


  • It’s so easy to clean as you only need to wipe with wet tissue so it’ll be clean.
  • It’s lightweight bag that has roomy interior and lets users have enough space for storing baby’s stuff.
  • Coming with seven open pockets to let you have great arrangement of stuff.


  • It’s not too strong for a heavyweight. It’s still durable if you can make it proportional weightlifting for bag.
  • The stroller straps are not detachable.


Worrying style as the reason for delaying having baby is nonsense thought. Fashion is trick. You can do tricks to keep yourself stylish even when you already a mother for baby or kids. Preparing and supplying their needs is number one priority. When you really need to have fashion term and functionality of diaper bag, Michale Kors is the most possible option for its great design and interior style.

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