LeSportsac Ryan Cute Baby Diaper Bag Review

LeSportsac Ryan Cute Baby Diaper BagMany parents fall in love with this cute baby bag at the first sight. That’s totally understandable, really. It has a beautiful design, and when you need something that matches your adorable baby, this bag just fit nicely.

Some baby bags are bulky and cumbersome even before you put anything in it. Not this bag. It is a lightweight bag, and you can pack plenty without worrying about the bag’s weight adding in too much. Yes, you can pack a lot of baby goodies in it. However, it’s not big enough if you have twins or two kids who are still in diapers. It’s big, but not that big.  For one baby, though, it is great. It is 20-inches wide and 14-inches tall. You can stack half a dozen of diapers, wipes, formula dispenser, large baby bottles, spare clothes, blankets, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and your own personal items in it. The bag uses zipper closure and opens wide so you can put and grab things quickly. The bright-colored interior lining also makes it easier to find stuff in a pinch.

A changing mat is already included with the bag. It gives your baby a clean surface for diaper changing on the go. We all know that public restrooms’ sanitary conditions are not always up to your standards. The changing mat folds up nicely and fits well inside the exterior side pocket. Take this bag on a full-day trip or weekend getaway with your baby, and you’ll have all the essentials with you.

With two interior pockets and four exterior ones, you can organize everything neatly. Oddly enough, none of the interior pockets are zippered. This means if you accidentally topple the bag, whatever inside the pockets will be mixed with everything. The bag doesn’t have a flat bottom or stiff base insert so that it won’t stand on its own, and you need to lean it against something if you don’t want it to fall. The side pockets for bottles are not insulated too. You may want to get a cooler bag so you can keep two bottles with warm formulas when you go out. While you’re at it, get a smaller bag or pouch to keep your personal items, so they don’t mix with the rest when the bag topples.

This bag comes in 21 different colors and prints. LeSportsac names them Zoo Cute, Flower, Bathia Stripe, Caraway Floral, Euphoria, Flower Child, Nauticool, Tulum, Animal Camo, Baby Cakes,  Baby Cakes Blue, Baby Lestripe, Baby Skies, Bandana Lace, Beach Ball Play Navy, Checks and Bows, Mickey Loves Minnie, Spring Fling, Vacation Paradise, Black, and Black Patent.  Whatever your style is, you can find a matching color and style to go with it. When you want to go with extra cute, get the Zoo Cute, Baby Cakes, or Checks And Bows. You’ll get many compliments from other moms when you go with those prints.

“Being cute is nice and all, but what about dads?”

Well, if you want daddy to help carry it, then you should get the Animal Camo. That design is really neat. The camouflage pattern is made of overlapping animal silhouette. It will look cool on dads.

The material used for this bag is 100% Nylon with Nylon lining for the interior. The biggest advantage of this fabric is that it’s easy to clean. Got dirt on it? Just wipe it away. The whole bag is dirty? Go put it in the washer. LeSportsac says that you should hand-wash it, but their bags are proven to be machine-washable. They hold up well in the washing machine and keep its shape if you don’t do it too often. Be sure to use the delicate setting (or whatever the lowest setting is called on your machine) and air-dry it afterward.

You have three carry options with this bag. Loop it on your shoulder using the 25-inch drop handle, wear it across your body using the detachable shoulder strap, or hang it on the stroller using the built-in stroller straps. The 25-inch shoulder drop allows you to carry the bag under your armpit without having your arm flare outside too much.  The detachable shoulder straps are not padded, but they are long and comfortable enough for you to carry around the bag across the body for an extended period of time. That’s so practical.

Overall this is an excellent diaper bag. The materials are also excellent. It screams heavy duty with quality stitching. This seems like a bag that will last years easily. When your children are no longer wearing diapers, you can use it as a travel bag or gym bag. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag and stylish enough for you to take on your daily errand runs.


  • Lightweight
  • 20 designs to choose from
  • Easy to clean
  • Long shoulder strap for cross-body carry
  • Built-in stroller straps
  • Includes a changing pad
  • Spacious and practical
  • Heavy duty


  • No zippered pocket on the inside
  • Not big enough for two kids
  • Doesn’t stand on its own


That’s it for our review for the LeSportsac Ryan cute baby diaper bag. Yes, it has some flaws like non-zippered interior pockets, but when you count all of its pros, they surely outweigh the cons by a wide margin. Its durability is the real deal too. Many moms still using the same bag for more than two years, and the bag is still going strong. If you’re still on the fence about the absence of interior zippered pockets, just get some LeSportsac zippered pouches. They’re inexpensive and works well to organize every little stuff that you need to carry.

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