Leke Diaper Bag for Dad Review

Leke Diaper Bag for DadWhat is functionality without style? Something can be very valuable solely for being functional. But when there is an element of style also in the play, that something might turn into more than being just functional. Collectible, perhaps?

A diaper bag can be practical yet good-looking at the same time. And with Leke Diaper Bag for Dad, carrying baby supplies is no longer a thing exclusive to moms. Dads can now sport a diaper bag that doesn’t go against their urban style because Leke is even possible to carry on a catwalk.

The fact that Leke is a designer diaper bag means that it is designed with style fully in mind. It can accommodate your needs of staying in your hip style without having to sacrifice its main function as the main medium or carrier for baby supplies. The label behind this product even provides you with a very exciting guarantee that will give you your money bag in the event where there is a manufacturing defect on the item upon arrival.

Durability is perhaps another thing that you keep an eye on. The bag, lucky for you, is pretty durable when it comes to everyday use. You can rely on the many compartments on this bag that are easy to access. Furthermore, the backside of the bag is a padded panel, meaning you will feel comfortable when carrying the bag even for a prolonged time.


  • Superior in style as it is durable in function.
  • Padded for maximum comfort. It manages to accommodate carrying more stuff without sacrificing looks.
  • Roomy and safe. There are 18 pockets: 1 main cargo secured with zipper flap, 2 pockets on the side for bottles and feeding utensils, pockets on the outside can be used to store soiled items.
  • Carries 100% lifetime money back guarantee.
  • The backside is padded for comfort when carried.
  • Interior color is gray to ease looking for stuff.
  • The top handle is also cushioned for further comfort.


  • Interior is made of materials so thin they are almost transparent.
  • Insulated bottle pockets aren’t spacious.
  • The outer wipes pocket isn’t compatible for storing multiple packs and isn’t capable enough to keep the wipes in place.
  • Doesn’t stand up if isn’t fully filled.
  • It doesn’t accommodate things very well as it doesn’t expand when filled with more things.


Clearly, Leke is built more for style design rather than functionality. Sure, it’s pretty. But do you really need pretty when pretty is barely doing its job?

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