Lassig Casual Diaper Backpack Barbarry Review

Lassig Casual Diaper Backpack BarbarryA diaper bag is an important component in modern parenthood. The role this item plays is so big that in its absence, you would find it hard to commute with the baby. But as a modern mom, there is a chance that you are also a working individual with needs of staying in touch with the works. When the two worlds collide, the role of a diaper bag can be felt thoroughly.

But that is not where the problems lie. With a diaper bags whose carrying options are limited to only either tote-style or messenger bag-style, things can get messy real quick. That’s why a backpack model is suitable for moms with active and mobility. Well, to be more precise, a backpack with capacity to carry both the baby and the mom’s essentials all at once. A diaper bag being a backpack can only help so much; it is pointless to carry a backpack for the baby’s supplies and a purse for mom’s personal belongings. Your hands are still tied up and we haven’t even mentioned the fact that probably you are carrying your baby by hands.

Lassig Casual Diaper Backpack Barbarry offers you a solution to this dilemma. Let’s begin with reason number one as to why this bag is a catch. Most definitely, it doesn’t hurt in the eyes. By “hurt”, it means the bag doesn’t try too hard at being eye-catching, design-wise. The main emphasis here is simplicity. Its shape and design should complement pretty much any kind of ensemble you might be wearing at the time.

And then let’s get into the bag’s features. The zippered pocket at the very front side of the bag acts as a special compartment dedicated to mom’s items. Anything from a tablet to a pen can fit in it, providing you with a chance to still stay in touch with your professional side of life. The middle compartment sports pockets with elastics and thus are perfect for stashing creams or snack jars. The biggest, main compartment houses other pockets for baby’s supplies and gears.

The bag boasts an array of accessories. There is a waterproof zippered pocket, ideal for storing wet stuff, a separate pouch that can be used either for makeups or pacifiers, changing pad, and a removable insulated bottle holder. 


  • Made of 100% waterproof polyester with padded, adjustable, contoured shoulder straps.
  • Features a changing pad, a detachable insulated bottle holder that can either be attached to the bag using clips or not, stroller straps, a portable pouch, and bottle side pocket secured with elastic.
  • Highlights include front pocket for mom’s belongings and a hidden zippered pocket at the bottom of the bag.
  • Features a special waterproof pocket, secured with zipper.


  • Interior is lined with black material so it can be hard to look into it.
  • The zipper pulls are made of metal and they clang onto each other, making an awkward sound as the wearer walks.


Barring the cons above, the bag is a true catch. It understands how busy moms need to still be able to have a special place for her things to carry along.

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