Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag Review

Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper BagHaving a baby is the happiest moment ever, but it has another dilemmatic problem if you are urban mother. Although we cannot generalize urban mother, we still can think that it’s just a mother that simply thinks about keeping style and caring babies at the same time. How cool is that? It’s cool if we still care about babies but we also care about our looking and style. One of the most dilemmatic things that happen in new mother life is that they have to carry diaper bag everywhere they go with babies.

They think that diaper bag is identical with baby theme, so it doesn’t fit mother style, but it’s odd because now there is no diaper bag that comes with that style. It has various designs that let you be confident to carry any diaper and baby stuff inside bag. One of the most recommended bags you can consider is Laiya Deluxe Carry Fashion shoulder. Coming with stylish design, this bag has been claimed as best looking with cute strap attached to the bag.

What is the feature you can get from this stylish bag? Fashionable design lets you confident hanging out with your babies. Moreover, it’s also easy to carry this bag because you can carry on hand and shoulders too. When you have so many stuff to bring, don’t worry because this Laiya Deluxe carries Fashion Shoulder Tote bag has wider interior than other bags. There are several rooms you can get, and it provides a lot of wide pockets to manage your stuff to keep them neat.


  • It’s incredibly fashionable, and you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore because all you get when you carry this diaper bag is all about full and positive confidence with your baby.
  • This Laiya Deluxe is indeed medium size bag. The reason why Laiya Deluxe made this bag in medium size is for handy carrying but luckily.
  • This bag comes with convenient rooms and some pockets to keep users arrange well the stuff. When you have much stuff inside, it won’t is bulky like other diaper bags have
  • It’s proven durable with correct maintenance.


  • It’s clean spot only because you cannot wash. It may be a bit possible, but it’s not recommended. That is why bag owners should have been so aware of keeping it clean.
  • There is no changing pad as some brands make the same offer.
  • The color of the strips is not as strong as in pic, but the design still looks great in many ways.


What thing do you wish besides having your looking is good even when you already have a baby? Having stylish diaper bag is great for you to keep your looking good. Fortunately, Laiya Deluxe diaper bag is not hard to find because you can find it everywhere. Coming with great feature, this might be the most recommended diaper bag as you see our reviews about the pros and cons above.

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