Kalencom Sam’s Duck Duck Goose Messenger Bag Review

Kalencom Sam's Duck Duck Goose Messenger BagWhat good is a unisex diaper bag for?

Well, that question really is important when it comes down to the fact that the baby you have should be carried by you, the husband, too, despite being a necessity exclusive to the wives. Arguably, men’s aversion toward carrying a diaper bag stems from the fact that such bags are designed full with elements of femininity. This makes it hard for guys to also participate in taking care of their baby especially when they want to embark on an outdoorsy journey together with the whole family.

A diaper bag should also be sturdy and durable as it will become the sole method of carrying baby supplies. Consequently, sturdiness leads to heavyweight. And women can only handle so much before they feel tired, something that makes it even more urgent for the husband to also lend a hand. Kalencom Sam’s Duck Duck Goose Messenger Bag covers this all for you. There is a chance that when you purchase this bag, you would love it and won’t eschew from bringing a diaper bag at all. It does have a unisex feel to it, with its army looks and all, and you and your spouse can take turn in carrying it without losing that element of fashion, which may diminish your personal sense of urban looks.

The sturdiness aspect is covered by this bag with its waterproof material. This makes it superior as many baby products involve liquid and leakage may cause even more problems to take care of. Accessories included with the bag will help you in maintaining care for your baby with ease.


  • Sturdy, waterproofed materials make the bag an easy pick for baby products to store in.
  • Unisex style allows both men and women to carry it without problems.
  • Standalone accessories include a waterproof bottle bag matching most brands, a waterproof separate bag with zipper to keep wet clothes or dirty ones, and a fold-out changing mat.
  • Two loops for holding bottle can secure placement.


  • There are not enough rooms inside the bag. This makes storing stuff a little hassled. There is no dedicated compartment for parents to keep their personal stuff in.
  • It is somewhat a little heavy even without any contents.
  • It is only available in messenger style and the strap frays easily.
  • It can’t be attached to a stroller.


Duck Duck Goose is certainly a good catch. It is perfect for use as it pays no regards to whoever carries it. Its versatility is a nice thing when the husband wants to be involved in carrying baby supplies. Its waterproof materials make the bag worry-free. But the fact that it is not available in other than messenger style perhaps is a letdown. Also, it may be spacious in general. But lack of pockets or inner compartments makes it rather unsuitable for use in a long time period. It is a good every day bag, perhaps you can benefit from it when running errands to a supermarket. But it is a hassle when it comes to helping you out when planning for a weekend getaway.

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