Kalencom Nylon Buckled Pocket Diaper Tote Review

Kalencom Nylon Buckled Pocket Diaper ToteHaving a baby is every couple’s dream, and everyone should have celebrated it when they come. You will need more stuff like diaper, baby clothes from newborn till kids and you have to think about toys too. The most common thing you should have prepared is diaper and you gotta need diaper bag too. Thinking to have an odd diaper bag is nonsense. You have to choose the most stylish one that can give you better looking with the bag.

One of the most recommended totes you can go with your babies and spouse is Kalencom Buckled Diaper Turquoise. Coming with comfortable straps that will fit your shoulder, you gotta bookmark the product so you will not miss to put it into the cart you have been planning to do with a tote bag for diaper. The interior of this Kalencom is just superb, and it has roomy interior too.

It also comes with decorative buckle, stitching, and trim. You would love how it will help you to bring the diaper with style. No better looking when you can bring your diaper with this tote bag. So how is the review? Here is the simple review of Kalencom bag for diaper and consider seeing the pros and cons. 


  • When it looks like small in the picture, this is roomy and big. This bag is spacious, and you would love to have this bag because you can store not only diaper too but also some things you may need. Some small space is given for extra space on purpose so just enjoy the extra.
  • The design is stylish, and every mom likes this. Some people may be embarrassed bringing the diaper bag, but when you can bring it with this cute bad, your style is upgraded and cool.
  • There are many pockets or compartments that allow you to store more things like accessories or toys you may like to bring when you are traveling with your baby children; that will be good to bring cute diaper bag in traveling.


  • The top structure is pretty weak, and it is sometimes hard to dig deeper to grab something inside the tote bag. It is pretty not functional for newborn when you have so many small things to store in diaper bag.
  • The whole structure is pretty narrow so you cannot store big things inside bag.
  • The bottom of this bag makes it a bit heavier when it is supposed to be.


Don’t think about what the cons will drive your decision but just see the feature and make sure that it will fit your needs, so you don’t have to surf around to chase the best diaper bag for you. This Kalencom bag can be called good enough to make you good looking although what you bring are diaper and toys.

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