Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Collection Be Light Tote Bag Review

Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Collection Be Light Tote BagFinding best bag for the diaper can be a daunting task that will let you be online all day long just to see this bag for the diaper. Do you want to skip all the researchers and just pick our recommendation? That is going to be awesome if you do. If you are looking for adult and stylish bag, go with a black tote bag, but if you are looking for unique looking with cute ornaments and motives, JuJuBe Tokidoki Collection can be a great answer for you. This cute bag is mind blowing. The art is just great with colorful pictures and arts.

What you are getting from this bag is various. This is 100% polyester, so it keeps you to afford this bag much and yes it is durable for a couple of years. You don’t need to worry about the durability and good looking because it is just great. This size of bag is small and simple, but it so functional. It keeps easy to reach mobilizing as it is light and makes you easy to carry this bag anywhere

Don’t worry about the outside because there is Teflon for the outer fabric so you will know how far the protection from the sun shines and the rain. Is it awesome, right? Are you curious about our simple review from the pros and cons? This JuJu Be Tokidoki Collection is not perfect, though, but everything has its pros and cons so here we go.


  • Clean and smooth pockets inside the bag make you stunned. Don’t think about the diaper bag label; you can go with this bad anywhere you go. You can even go to college with this bag, as it is stylish and unique. The colorful outer skin is just great.
  • It is best for those who don’t like to wash bag manually. This bag is washable so you can put the bag into the washing machine and you all got your bag clean without any damage.
  • The small size lets you bring anywhere with single hand and no need to complain the heavyweight because this diaper tote is way smaller and easier to take.


  • As the size is only 12 inch, for some mothers, this diaper bag may be too small although, inside the bag, you still can get some pockets for compartment sometimes size does matter.
  • As the material is polyester, this bag is not waterproof so just make sure that you will not go outside when the rain is down.


Planning to have a diaper bag, some people may consider the size and some of them consider the material, but this JuJu is way simpler and good looking at the same time. You still can store much stuff, yet you can feel the style of the designer that makes this cool bag. If what you need is cool and simple, this bag is perfect for you.

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