Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag Review

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper BagWhat do you imagine when functionality meets style? It applies to many things like mother’s fashion. Many mothers worry about their style when they are going to have a baby especially for those who are still young and just got married. They think that when they are having a baby, it’ll downgrade their style, but it’s totally wrong. You can see how celebrities even still look gorgeous with their babies on TV. The way they wear clothes and the way they bring their baby’s stuff. What stuff of baby do you have to bring? Are they clothes, diaper, and toys? You can wear diaper bag.

Don’t think that you’ll carry babyish bag, but now, it’s time to wear the modern one. Many diaper bags now come with modern style, and it does not look like diaper bag. That is why there are many manufacturers now become competing to make stylish diaper bag. As there are so many brands you have to choose, you may need some considerations to choose the best one. There is nothing harder than choosing the best diaper bag. We have done good trial on several bags. One of our recommended bags is Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection. What can you get from this cool bag? In purchasing package, you’ll get a simple diaper bag with some conversion types from the straps.

There are three exterior pockets, seven interior pockets and memory foam changing pad. It’s best choice for those who always need to load much stuff like toys, diaper and some clothes for traveling. That will be good too for you to hang around with your friends because this bag is still cool even without diaper, this bag is like the most flexible bag ever. Does don’t need to feel embarrassed to carry diaper bag because the look is so cool right? Besides, you’ll get great feature from this bag, to get more considerations, there are pros and cons too.


  • It’s easy to organize with a lot of available pockets inside the bag and outside the bag. There are many compartments you can use to store some stuff. Don’t worry about protection because some pockets go with zippered ones. There are also two bottle pockets too.
  • Don’t need to waste times for washing bag because all you can do is to wash diaper bag with washing machine. As this bag comes with cool feature, there is also extra protection called Agion treatment to keep it in clean and fragrant smell.
  • It’s flexible, so we can conclude that you can change the style every time depending on how you feel to be comfortable with the strap.


  • For those who look forward bigger changing pad, this bag may be not too good for this part because the changing pad is so small.
  • The zipper in the interior compartment is little weak, but you can keep it good by using it carefully.
  • Although this comes with great feature sadly, there are no integrated stroller straps.


No matter what you are worrying, you have to think twice if fashion statement is one of reasons to delay baby. In modern era when style changes so fast, diaper bag with good designs and stylish looking has helped mothers to look still cool even when they go with baby. Ju-Ju-Be is great option as the features are rich and good for your needs.

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