JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, Gray Floret Review

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, Gray FloretWhat is the ultimate characteristic you need to see in a diaper bag? The question should generate different answers from different persons. Personal preferences must be one major determiner when the question pops up but generally, it boils down to one thing: whether the bag is capable or not of functioning properly and if it could still factor into maintaining the wearer’s overall style.

Of course, the style element is an important aspect to be cautious about. Most diaper bags out there in the market lend themselves in making the wearer look bland and too “busy” to have fun. So it is only logical if you want a bag that does not say to other people that you are a busy mom but is functional to its fullest capacity as a bag.

Well, now you can hold your breath because JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, Gray Floret is here to answer your call. Wait, it’s a backpack; how can a backpack solve the appearance issue? Chill; we’ll get to there in a minute.

The bag boasts a series of spacious compartments that come equipped with pockets for extra rooms. The accessibility given by the pockets is not only provided by the inner sections but also from those on the outer side. Made of polyester, the bag is laced with print motif that feels classy and luxurious, supported by the dominant gray color palette.

It can be carried in one of the three ways: as a backpack, as a shoulder bag, or attached to a stroller. This versatility is great considering you will need various carrying options so as not to leave your shoulder miserable from all the carrying. It also provides convenience in that you should be able to pay your baby an undivided attention with the bag just sitting there comfortably at your back.

Another thing that you should be thanking about this bag is that it is fully backed up with detachable accessories—although some of them come in the package while some others are options to be added to the purchase; they are sold separately. This fact could either be a plus or minus point seeing that you probably prefer everything comes in a complete package or that you won’t mind adding more to your shopping cart. 


  • Made of polyester.
  • Inner pockets for organization.
  • 4 front pockets with zipper.
  • One bottle pocket on each side.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable and removable and padded too.
  • Comes with a matching changing pad and stroller attachment.


  • The included changing pad is not that wide.
  • Too many accessories sold separately; these include: a bottle cooler, a clutch that fold out to be a changing pad, and a small bag for pacifiers.


With its sleekness, the bag is a true statement of marriage between style and function. It’s too bad that you have to purchase everything else that completes this ensemble separately. You can imagine how much of a hassle it would be to size other things up against this bag just to make sure if they fit in it.

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