Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Diaper Bag Review

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Diaper BagAs a father, you must have this desire within you to spend some time alone with your baby. You would be expecting joy from sharing the moment with the baby in a park or simply taking the baby out to a store where you can introduce things to your beloved. However, the fact that you will need to carry a diaper bag to bring the baby’s essentials may get in the way.

See, you cannot expect that you would be wearing a diaper bag that your wife has. Your wife may not have concern about loaning you her bag but do you really not mind wearing a bag that is riddled with motifs that are just too girly for your liking? If you truly do not mind, then by all means, please do carry such a thing. But if you see what’s wrong with it, here’s an alternative you can take instead: Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Diaper Bag.

Jeep Perfect is a diaper bag with dads in mind. Its design boasts a very casual look that will surely meet your expectation. The bag is practically a regular backpack in appearance but behind that, it carries within it a functionality of a diaper bag. So, it will be a given that when your friends ask you about the bag, they would be surprised knowing it contains diapers and all.

Completed with a dispenser for wipes, the Jeep Perfect is something that will help you to easily reach for the cleaning item in a moment’s notice. You know how messy a diaper change bag can be at times so having the wipes accessible straight from the outer side of the bag is truly convenient as it is. And the fact that the bag comes with its own detachable changing pad really helps you even further for you can now do the diaper change literally everywhere it is possible.

On one side of the bag is a bottle pocket with insulation lining. This allows you to keep the bottle content in maintained temperature so your baby should never eat something that it does not like thanks to the change in flavor caused by temperature flux. 


  • Made of 100% polyester with padded shoulder straps. The straps are adjustable.
  • Comes with padded changing pad.
  • Side insulated bottle compartment.
  • Wipes dispenser on the other side of the bag.
  • Features 12 pockets.
  • Stroller straps for variations in carrying options.


  • So far, there has yet any cons surrounding this bag to talk about.


The Jeep Perfect really makes for a good carrying method to bring all your baby’s essentials along. Its look is truly casual that even a mom who wishes for different diaper bag can carry. Loaded with convenient features, the bag is totally helpful for dads who want to stay in style while caring for the baby.

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