Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack Review

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper BackpackHave you ever wondered whether you could go outside with your baby or you are just confined inside the house until the baby gets older enough to play away from home safely? Well, it is a fairly simple question with a fairly simple answer to it too: of course, you can take your baby anywhere you feel like to. Be it hanging out with friends and their own babies for a play date or a casual morning strolling down the lane or a short trip to a store or even a full day out in the wilderness; the options are unlimited. You can pretty much do anything you like while bringing your baby along.

It is how you carry the stuff your baby needs at a moment’s notice that is going to be a major concern. You can’t hope to keep everything in the car and go back and forth whenever your baby needs a diaper change. You can’t hope to carry all those things inside your work bag. You can’t just stuff the stroller with everything placed right next to the baby; it would not be any comfortable for the baby. And most importantly, you can’t hope to carry those things in your hands only.

You need Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack to do all these jobs. The bag is named so as it has this unique way of categorizing what goes in where. Using small tags with little symbol representing things to store inside certain compartments, the bag helps an owner to quickly organize baby’s needs into correct places and easily find whatever needed at a moment’s notice. Hence the name; you properly store something in given sections, you find it fast in the process.

Casualness is striking in the design. It is made in a shape that is straightforward with less gimmicky features, save for dedicated exterior pockets: one is insulated for bottle and the other is a built-in wipes dispenser. The two works in harmony to provide you with convenience in keeping tab on milk temperature and in quick cleanup, respectively.

Worry if the bag doesn’t offer you something as a parent? Worry not, as the bag is designed with a front pocket dedicated to storing your own personal items like cell phone or keys and everything else. Interiorly, the bag is lined with bright-colored material that is easy to clean, which is made to ease you in finding anything inside cleaning it up in case of liquid leakage. 


  • Made of nylon, the bag is fairly lightweight. The straps are padded and the back panel is also padded for comfort in use.
  • The bottom part is adorned with plastic feet, intended to keep the bag off any surface all the time.
  • Each side is geared with pouches with different purposes. One is made for wipes dispenser, the other is insulated, made for milk
  • The pockets are tagged with specific logos signifying certain items to store inside.
  • Interior is bright-colored for quick.
  • Includes a changing pad and the bottom side includes feet to keep it off the ground.


  • No stroller straps.
  • No other carrying options.
  • The front pocket has no fastener so beware of the contents.


Overall, the backpack seems to have everything a parent needs in carrying baby supplies along. It has enough compartments and pockets to keep everything the baby may need. The additional wipes dispenser may come very handy for parents with busy activity.

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