Evecase Lightweight Waterproof Baby Diaper Backpack Review

Evecase Lightweight Waterproof Baby Diaper BackpackWhen you hear the term diaper bag, perhaps you will be reminded of how heavy the bag might get with all the things crammed into space. Perhaps, you would even view a diaper bag as a thing with strong girly feels to it. Dads avoid carrying a diaper bag for any of these reasons. But it is ultimately the looks that get in the way. Most dads will not consider carrying a diaper bag for such a bag is usually designed so close to what a mom likes. Consequently, a diaper bag suffers a presumption from laymen, thinking it is a bag only wearable and suitable for a woman.

Dads avoid diaper bags for their feminine looks and associated connotations. Some moms avoid diaper bags for the facts that they look very weak and girlishness. This seems to have created the needs of an existence of a diaper bag that can go both ways. However, a diaper bag shouldn’t be something that anyone avoids at all because it is very helpful for the parents in taking care of their loved one.

But of course, neutrality in style should be a number one concern if mom and dad are going to take turn in caring for their baby—something that Evecase has with their product. After all, taking care of baby is not supposed to be a mom-only activity. Imagine how tiresome it would be for a mom to do it all alone by herself.

Evecase is very helpful for both dads and moms. Its waterproof material makes it a great option because no one likes a bag with high maintenance. Evecase’s many pockets also come in handy when it comes to carrying a lot of stuff a baby may need in every occasion. And it also features insulated pockets for bottles to keep it either warm or cold all the time. 


  • Made of polyester, Evecase is waterproof and easy to clean with just wet cloth.
  • 2 side pockets for keeping drinking bottles or umbrella.
  • Medium front compartment with zipper, suitable for keeping creams.
  • Main compartment is large, featuring: 2 insulated bottle pockets (1 for hot, 1 for cold), 2 mesh pockets one below another are perfect for wipes and bibs, 2 mesh pockets on the inner side for small jars or formula cans, and a pocket with zipper for keeping phones and wallet.
  • Casual look.
  • Detachable straps on the side for stroller attachment.
  • Comes with a changing mat and pouch for wipes.


  • So far, every aspect of a diaper bag is covered already by this bag so there are no cons about it—at least for the moment.


As far as a diaper bag is concerned, Evecase excels in every part of criteria. It works best as a diaper bag, a travel backpack, it has enough place to store things inside without you having to leave something behind. The hot and cold pockets are really a nice touch. It is also built nicely with good, waterproof materials with a style that works for both moms and dads.

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