Ecosusi Travel Large Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad Review

Ecosusi Travel Large Backpack Diaper Bag for DadA diaper bag is a thing that can potentially ruin your day by making your shoulder hurt with the weight of all items it contains. Therefore, it is really important that prior to making a purchase for you to check on availability of support for comfort.

A diaper bag with backpack model should be reinforced with padding on its straps so a user won’t feel burdened by the weight of all the items inside. Tiredness is only one symptom to keep in check but tiredness often leads to other more lethal health defects previously unforeseen.

At the very least, a diaper bag should provide a way for its user to hang it on the stroller. Not only is hanging a diaper bag on a stroller neat, but it also provides relief for the shoulders. But certain padding works very well for a bag that potentially will be filled with a lot of stuff. Padded back panel and shoulder straps make for advantageous carrying method. Padded backside makes a bag a lot more comfortable to carry because it creates a space for the air to flow through unhindered and it takes away pressure off the back of the user. Padded straps give relief for the shoulder especially if the bag is going to hang there for a long time.

Ecosusi allows a user to feel comfortable wearing the diaper bag without losing style and hip nature of the user.


  • Made of polyester, lightweight, and easy to swipe.
  • It opens wide and fully to display the content clearly, but it doesn’t open all the way down that it spills out everything.
  • There are 2 hooks for stroller attachment.
  • Two insulated pockets on the side for warm and fresh bottles.
  • Shoulder straps are padded very well. The back panel is also padded and contains pocket for storing phones and wallet.
  • Quality zippers for easy access to the inside.
  • Within the main compartment, there are three pockets and one mesh pocket with zipper for easy organization.
  • Comes with a changing mat.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • The arrangement of pockets inside the bag is rather confusing.
  • No special pocket with access from the outside for wipes packs.


The backpack is very much versatile in its functionality. Despite quality zippers, seams and stitches are quite questionable. If you purchase the bag, there is a chance you are going to need to reinforce the seams yourself.

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